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The Ultimate Med Tech Quiz (Microbiology and Parasitology Edition)

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Orchitis, which may cause sterility, is a possible manifestation of which of the following?









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The etiologic agents of many common colds are RNA viruses that grow better at 33⁰C than at 37⁰C. These viruses are:









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Rotavirus is the most common etiologic agent of

Chronic nonbacterial pharyngitis in children and young adults


Acute nonbacterial encephalitis in children


Acute nonbacterial gastroenteritis in infants and young children


Chronic nonbacterial retinitis in children


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A bacteriophage is

a virus that attacks bacteria


a virus that attacks another virus


a bacteria that attacks a virus


a bacteria that attacks another bacteria


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Charcot-Leyden crystals in stool may be associated with an immune response and are thought to be the breakdown products of









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Which of the following is a rhabditiform larva with purposeless motion and short buccal cavity?





Both of the Above


None of the Above


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The mouth of Necator americanus is characterized by the presence of:

Cutting plates




Both of the Above


None of the Above


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Which of the following is the habitat of the adult Trichinella spiralis?



Skeletal muscles




Small intestines


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The suitable specimen for the identification of microfilaria is









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The nematode parasite is thought to have been the “fiery serpent” of the ancient Israelites. This parasite, which has various species of Cyclops as its intermediate host, is

D. latum


D. medinensis


D. immitis


D. perstans


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