Unlock Your Inner MOUNTAIN BIKE TYPE!!



How fast do your like to Ride??









Depends on the Track


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how big is your competitive Drive



As long as I reach the finish


I like to Follow the Leader


I enjoy the ride more than Anything


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What Landscape Do you like as your Backdrop?

Scenic with variety of Obstacles


One way, Never look Back, Always something New


Circuit with Time trials to measure Performance and Evaluating best lines


Close to Home, Close to Rest stops, Fresh Air


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How big is your Bike Pack?

A shell for water and few Snacks


I don't Need a pack to slow me DOWN


Im Prepared to carry Anything to go from A to B


My Riding Buddy Carries the Gear


A pocket under my seat just in case


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How many Bones have you broken?

None my Body Rolls over anything


1-2 i have had the misfourtune


3-4 Nothing stops me getting back on the Bike


5+ Im more made of steel than bone


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Does the weight of your Machine change how you Ride?

More weight More Power


Light Weight and Effective


As long as i can push it


Less Resistance the better


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How do you Hydrate?

i drink water as im 70% of it


I like adding flavours to enhance the taste


i prefer a solution that cools effectivley and takes little time to drink


i gulp down anything thats available when im done riding


sodas and Bubbles give me more lift


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What snacks Keep you Strong?

Energy bars


Fruit and Veg


Packed Lunch


Burger meal


Berries on Offer


8 / 8


To be All mountain biking you have the ability to switch into motion, anywhere

Equipped and ready for any adventure, your shell increases with every climb and every obstacle turned.

Riding is effortless and no hill too large to tackle as your machines gears lock with the power of your thighs to travel beyond the horizons


To be Cross Country mountain biker you have the ability to glide across ground with
inner flow

Using technologies combined with your skills of control to travel great distances through challenging terrain. If there's a gadget you'll get it to increase and manage your performance but if if its not worth the wait/weight you'll shred it off like avoiding an unnecessary obstacle.


To be an Endurance Mountain biker your mind and core have reached a steady transfer where you and the bike are as one; traveling enormous distances with effective tracking, your abilities of cardio are as strong as your desire to ride.

If you could ride in your sleep you would!


To still be a Gravity Mountain Ghoul your mind is searching for its limit which you have not yet found!

The bike and you are in delicate balance falling down earths most unforgiving terrain; a machine built to absorb punishment, your bones harden with every bump, graze and fall; but nothings going to slow you down as you descend into gravity and collide with your inner demons

Your voice will echoe from the depths of the caves (if you fall) no one follows you, you make your own tracks!