What Area of Self-Care Are You Running "Critically Low" In?

Find out what self-care area needs your "attention" Today! 

(mind, body, heart and spirit)

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What area do you feel you are the most depleted in?









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How would you describe your daily eating  habits. I eat a well-balanced diet....

Consistently, Often


Sometimes, Occasionally 


No, very seldom


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How would you describe your fitness schedule?

Consistent, Often


Sometimes, Occasionally


 None, very seldom


3 / 10

How would you describe the time you spend with family, friends and/or loved ones?

 Consistently, Often 


Sometimes, Ocassionally 


Very Seldom (I wish could spend more time with them)


4 / 10

Do You need to Forgive yourself and/or other who you feel have "hurt" you?

No ( I forgive quickly)


Yes (I have some forgiveness to do)


Not certain


5 / 10

I read or learn something new....

Yes, Often


Sometimes, Ocassionally 


No, very seldom


6 / 10

I keep a daily journal....

Yes, Often 


Sometimes, Ocassionally 


No, very seldom 


7 / 10

I pray and/or mediate daily....

Yes, Often 


Sometimes, Ocassionally


No, very seldom


8 / 10

I connect with nature and/or are mindful and aware of what is going on around me. 

Yes, very Often 


Sometimes, Ocassionally 


No, very seldom 


9 / 10

What statement best describe you overall wellness/mental health 

I suffer from stress & anxiety 


I  feel lonely 


I have chronic pain in my body 


I need to connect more with my spirituality or  "Higher Power"


None of the above apply to me! 


10 / 10


Ideas for Balanced Renewal To Build your physicall stamina and wellness:

  • Get Proper Rest each night for your body.
  • Set a health or fitness goal.
  • Eat a wholesome diet consisting of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Schedule needed health/doctor's Appointments.


Ideas For Balanced Renewal To Build mental capacity:

  • Keep a daily journal
  • Read a good book
  • Learn something "New"
  • Do crossword puzzles and play mind games


Ideas for Balanced Renewal To Build your social/emotional capacity:

  • Build "healthy" family relationships
  • Connect with a supportive "tribe"
  • Engage in work "team-building" activities
  • Listen and engage with people who are important to you
  • Forgive yourself and others


Ideas for Balanced Renewal To Build spiritual capacity:

  • Pray and meditate daily
  • Read inspiration "positive" music
  • Live a Life of Service to others
  • Follow spiritual/religious practice
  • Commit to a life of integrity, values and morals