What Artistic Style Fits Your Business?  

Take this quiz to help you refine your goals and expectations as you consider a mural project for your business!

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Is your wall interior or exterior?





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How big is your project?

It’s huge. A massive wall, or several walls.


It’s a wall - so pretty big.


I have a wall, but the artwork might go on just a part of it.


It’s more of a sign, or a big board.


It's not a wall. It's about the size of a van or truck.


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Are you trying to draw people into your space with your mural project?

Yes, of course! I���m trying to run a business here!


Not really: people can’t see it until they are already inside.


Not primarily. I'm also trying to create an atmosphere and brand.


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Does your mural need to communicate anything specific?

Yes, I need my customers to get a certain message about my business or product.


No, I’m looking more for atmosphere.


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How do you feel about abstract work for your mural project?

I love abstract work, and that would work well for my customers.


I like a modern style, but I don’t want to scare my customers.


I hate abstract, but I’m willing to look at new styles if it connects with my customers.


I hate abstract art, and so do my customers.


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You have the perfect space, and you want to install it with your brand in a way that connects with your audience, energizes them to take actions to attain that feeling in themselves, and draws them back in time after time. Your ideal mural might contain some lettering suggesting the intended feeling, and could include some product or logo imagery as well.


You are looking for a mural artist who can provide bright and dramatic images that will help draw potential customers into your retail or sales location. Even if people don’t respond to the mural by coming into your space, you want them to react, remember your space, and feel curious enough to look you up online.


Your space requires a certain ambiance in order to generate enthusiasm in your customers - and you have a big enough canvas to get the work done! You want to put your audience into a scene, and let their imaginations connect your business with the feeling of open spaces, wilderness, big sky, vibrant forest, etc.


You want to decorate your space with artwork that could serve as its own purpose, and lend a cultured aspect to your location. You know that realistic artwork can create a lasting impression on your audience, and that you can draw people back to your location with a beautiful or striking image, even if the composition is simple or relaxed.