What is your knight crest?

Find out what your crest of knighthood would be.

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You are out with some friends and a member of a large group of people punches your friend. what do you do?

Fight them


Help your friend up


Try to talk it out and figure out the situation


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Your friend and a stranger are having a dissagreement, and both want you to back them up, but you know the stranger is right. What do you do?

Tell your friend they are wrong


Try to stay in the middle and work out the conflict


Defend your friend, you might dissagree, but they are your friend


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One of your friends has accused you of stealing something of his but you didn't, what do you do?

Try to work it out and explain the situation


Fight him, you weren't that close anyway


Just buy him a new one, you dont want to risk your friendship


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How would others describe you (pick two)













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Which one of these would you like to do in your free time?



Hang out with friends


Go to the gym


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What do you think is the most important trait to have







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what is your greatest weakness

I will do anything for my friends


I have a very bad temper


I am very anti conflict


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You are at the gym when a man who is twice your sizes starts yelling that he is gong to fight you. What do you do?

Call the Police


Grab a nearby dumbell and smack him over the head with it


Get a group of all of your friends to back you up


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Why do you fight

To keep the peace


To help my friends


To get stronger


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Is it ok to hurt one person to help another?

Yes, sometimes sacrifices have to be made


No, violence is never the answer


It depends on the situation


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Is it ok to run from a fight

No, you need to finish what you started


Yes, if it is to regroup


Yes, you need to pull back to deal with your/others wounds


Only if others are


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What is the best way, in your opinion, to deal with a hostile enemy?

Rush them before they can react, and take them down


Gather inteligence, and make an informed attack


Gather allies, and engage on multiple fronts


Take them down slowly and methodically from the inside


Make multiple small and quick strikes from different directions so as to confuse them


Target their allies first, and then attack the main threat


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Blue Bear

You are loyal to your friends and family. You will go very far to protect them, and will become ferocious if they are provoked. You are also cunning and strong. You believe that the best way to win a fight is with strong allies, and it shows in the way you fight. You are wary of enemies with allies and prefer to engage an enemy who has none, or take out their allies first.

Red Boar

You are the first one to charge into battle. If something is going on you are there. You believe in strength and bravery, and will charge into battle even when it may not be the right decision. Your first choice is to fight, but when it comes down to it, if you are in a fight there is nobody that others want at their side more than you.

Silver Stag

You are anti conflict. You use logic and reasoning to sort things out, only using combat as a last resort. You may also be a good leader and strategist. When you do fight you prefer to observe the enemy and engage based on that. You use infiltration and advanced tactics to dismantil your enemy peice by peice. You belive in the long run, and not short term gain. You are able to see the whole picture even when others may not be able to.