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I can recognize my emotions when I am experiencing them.

Rarely or Never






Almost Always


1 / 13

When I am surprised, I can feel the sensations in my body







Rarely or Never


2 / 13

People have told me that I'm a good listener.





3 / 13

I find it difficult to move on when I get upset 

Always, this is difficult!






Rarely, I can usually recover quickly


4 / 13

When I find myself in a challenging situation I am able to pause and gather my thoughts before I respond

Nearly all of the time 






Almost Never


5 / 13

I find my mind is very easily distracted

Nearly all of the time, it never rests!






Rarely, my mind is pretty focused


6 / 13

I find it difficult to move on when I feel frustrated or unhappy.

No, this is not very difficult


Occasionally this is challenging


I find it pretty hard to move on


Yes, it is very difficult to let go of these emotions


7 / 13

When I walk outside I really notice the feel of the air, the sun, and enjoy the trees and sky.

All of the time, I soak it up






I rarely notice these things


8 / 13

I feel like I always need to be 'doing' something

Not really, I'm good at just 'being'




Most of the time I do feel the need to be 'doing'


Yes, I feel like I ALWAYS need to be 'doing' something and feel guilty if I am not!


9 / 13

 I try to zone out and distract myself when I am feeling unpleasant emotions

Absolutely, this is my go-to strategy!


Yes, I do this most of the time






10 / 13

I find myself replaying loops of thought about the past or future

Yes! Always, my mind is sooo busy!


Often my mind is busy


Once in awhile


Nope, my mind is very present in the moment!


11 / 13

I often feel a sense of inner peacefulness

Just about all of the time






No, not at all


12 / 13

How often do you meditate?

Never, I don't have a practice


Several times per month


Several times per week


5-7 times a week


13 / 13

You scored a 0

You need some work...

You may find that you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, especially in stressful situations; or, you may avoid conflict because you think that you'll find it distressing. It's likely, too, that you find it hard to calm down after you've felt upset, and you may struggle to build strong working relationships. Don't worry – there are plenty of ways that you can build emotional intelligence, starting now. Read our tips below to find out more.

You scored a 12

Your emotional intelligence level is... OK.

You probably have good relationships with some of your colleagues, but others may be more difficult to work with. The good news is that you have a great opportunity to improve your working relationships significantly. Read more below to boost your EI still further.

You scored a 24

Great! You're an emotionally intelligent person.

You have great relationships, and you probably find that people approach you for advice. However, when so many people admire your people skills, it's easy to lose sight of your own needs. Read our tips below to find out how you can continue to build your EI. Researchers have found that emotionally intelligent people often have great leadership potential. Realize this potential by seeking opportunities to improve even further.