What is your OG Fortnite skin?

Will you be Ghoul Trooper, Black Knight, Renegade Raider or John Wick? Find out with this test

Lets Find out

What would be your recommended group?

50 people, I like the company


3 others, Squads are harder to win than 50v50


Duos, I just can’t stand having at least one team mate


Solo, I’m forever alone


1 / 9

What Colour would your sniper be?

Green, #SemiAutoLife


Blue, Bolt Action snipers are where it’s at


Purple, they are at least easier to find than gold scars


Gold, Heavy Snipers can Wreck at that level


2 / 9

How is your reccomended way to get new items?

The item shop, there’s cool stuff in there daily


Battle pass, you get loads more than just skins with cool back blings




I use the V-Buck pack skins, there decent and I get V-Bucks out of them!


3 / 9

Let’s say you’re on a team with a famous you tuber. You...

Ask I feel they are recording, I love the spotlight


Start Screaming their name and follow them EVERYWHERE


Give them some of my best guns, I like being kind


Just chill out, there is no point in screaming, that gets me distracted


4 / 9

Epic Games just gave you an unreleased skin. You...

Celebrate because you have an item that’s nobody else has


Play a few matches to show my style


Flex in squads like a boss


Text everyone to tell them the news


5 / 9

What Glider do you prefer?

The Maco glider, it’s OG and it’s a great show off item


The cool new gliders, they are just so sleek


The regular glider, it’s free and makes others think I’m crazy.




6 / 9

What I saw you’re dream loadout?

Blue Pump, Gold Suppresed AR, Gold P90, Rocket Launcher and TONS of mini shield with lots of traps and mats


Gold Heavy Shotgun, Chug Jug, Green Hunting Rifle, Gold Heavy Scar with a few traps


Gold Pump, Gold Scar, Gold Minigun, Gold Heavy Sniper and Two Slurp Juices


Epic Dual Pistols, Blue Suppresed SMG, Epic Bolt Action Sniper, Gold Guided Missile and some big pots. Wrap dem guns up in blue indigo wrap while I’m at it


Whatever I can find...


7 / 9

What is your dream skin, back bling, glider and pickaxe combo?

Drift, Wings Of Valor, Lollipop, Wings


Merry Mauderer, Snowflake, Scythe, No Back Bling


No Skin, Default Glider, Pickaxe, No Back Bling (trick ya scrub)




8 / 9

Are you an OG?





Near Enough


I’m in the middle


9 / 9


You are a true OG, exactly like the renegade raider. Your not afraid to show your v-bucks off and do Take The L in front of your victims. Have a go with this play style and if it does not suit you take the test again for a different answer


You LOVE a blue pump and a couple mini’s in a chest. Anybody messes with you and they will feel like they are up against Ninja. You are a stand out in the lobby when all your team-mates are in awe at your blue pumps and almost twenty mini shields. Try this playstyle and if you don’t like it, try a new style


You love to show your Halloween style. The battle pass was weeks ago for you so you stick with item shop items only. Rockets and you are the perfect match together. You are a true flexer and will not stop grabbing new skins. If you don’t like this style, try something else


Like a true boss you roll the only legendary skin that will shatter the others minds. They will run and hide if you grab a golden scar, a heavy shotgun and a Quad Launcher in Tilted Towers. If you don’t like this play style, try a different answer