What Role-Playing Game Play Style Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which play style suits you best!

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When making an RPG character, your character focuses on...

Their force of personality to get what they want


An explorer who doesn't miss a piece of their surroundings


A mischievous, troublemaker


The best fighter in the realm


A fully optimized character


An intelligent character who can figure out puzzles


A character with a full background story that fits well into the campaign


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You're in a tavern, what's the first thing you ask your game master

Who's around to talk to?


Tell me more about what's around me!


What can I touch or interact with?


I go looking for a fight or a game to win


Anything to start looking for a quest and gain some experience


The other players so I can start role-playing with them


Ask some questions so you can try and figure out what's going to happen next


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You're talking to a non-playing character (NPC) about a quest or mission. What are you most interested in?

The ability to portray my character


Catching on to secrets/lies that the NPC is not sharing


Egging the NPC on to a fight


Putting others into a tight spot to see how they react


Getting the best reward possible


Discovering more about the NPC's complex motives


The story that NPC is a part of


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You're knee deep in combat. What's the best part of combat?

The chance to role-play while fighting.


Learning what secrets I may find on the bodies afterwards


Interacting with the environment to give us an advantage


The best part of fighting is the havoc I can wreak


The sweet experience points and magical loot


Creating a complex plan to make our lives easier


The narrative of how our dice rolls play out


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When fighting in combat, who would you want to face off against most?

NPCs who talk during combat


Creatures that affect the environment


Large numbers of weak creatures for me to slay


Ones with great loot


Ones that I can beat using problem-solving


Any enemy that advances the story


A creature I can use the environment to overcome


5 / 7

Your plan has hit a snag! What do you do to overcome the challenge?

Role-play your character to resolve the issue


Look for clues in the surrounding area


Trying out random plans until one sticks


When in doubt, encourage violence


I'm sure I have the right ability or spell to overcome it


Thinking of a new plan, discussing its merits, and getting everyone on board with it


Remember a piece of story that will help you


6 / 7

Congratulations! you've completed your quest/mission/thing. What reward do you seek?

A reward that ties into my backstory


The prize is the path taken, not the destination


A reward to help you cause more mischief


A weapon or piece of armour that my character wanted


A desired magic item


Something that allows me to solve problems easier


A story reward like a boon or a favour


7 / 7

You're an Actor

Did you do your vocal warm-ups? You're about to dive deep into your character and role-play the heck out of it! You like being engaged by NPCs and getting the chance to roleplay in combat, while exploring, while sleeping - any time, really!

People are in awe of your role-playing skills and your ability to stay in character. Keep up the great work!

You're an Explorer!

You're drawn to knowing the details of your surroundings because it makes the area feel more complete and the story more real. Clues are like manna to you, and you enjoy picking them up and putting them together to learn more about the world around you.

Other players are drawn to your love the world and your pursuit to explore it. Great work!

You're an Instigator

When the GM describes something that could be utterly wonderful or dangerous, you're right there. Others turn to you for your fearlessness, and your ability to make things happen.

Someone has to touch that glowing orb. It may as well be the bravest one at the table. So what if happens to cause some complications for the group. Struggle makes the game fun!

Keep it up, Courageous One!

You're a Fighter

There are two things you came to do at this gaming session: chew some bubblegum, and slay some monsters - And you're all out of bubblegum. Despite your ability to start at fight at the drop of the hat, you enjoy the havoc it creates.

Others marvel at your ability to understand combat mechanics and appreciate the help you provide. Keep up the good work, Fighter!

You're a Power Gamer

For you, a character is a fine-tuned machine that you've managed to optimize to its fullest extent. You know about action economy, the best combinations for a particular outcome or action, and you aim to help others find their character's potential.

Other players enjoy your insight into the rules and you'll give it for your choice of the loot.

You're a Thinker

Forgetting to plan on planning is not something you worry about. You aim for deep, complex plans that will allow you the best chances at success. The reward of having a plan come together is wonderful sight to behold.

Other players turn to you for your ability to think out the best outcome in a tight pinch. It may take a bit longer, but you're up for the challenge!

You're a Storyteller

There's nothing like a good story, and your character is wrapped up in a good stories. You have a finely tuned backstory, you enjoy the thrill of seeing your character bond with the world, and develop.

Others enjoy seeing your wonder in playing as your character works alongside others well to tell their story together. Play on, Storyteller!