What Type of Video Game Are You?

Are You a First Person Shooter or an Action RPG? 


How do you prefer your schedule?

All planned out


No idea what is next


A vague idea


Relatively clear schedule 


1 / 5

Which term best describes your daily routine?

Lack of events


Filled to the fullest


Unfolds as you progress


A relatively mixed bag


2 / 5

Which environment appeals to you the most?









Mountain Range






3 / 5

Which is your favorite hobby to do when bored?

Explore the world around me


Make plans with friends


Drive around 


Watch videos


Sit around and wait until you are no longer bored


4 / 5

What are you more likely to do with friends?

Go to the movies


Spend time at the park


Mess around at random stores


What are friends?


Sit around and do nothing


5 / 5

First Person Shooter

You love the thrill of action and want everything to be simple. Your life is already clear-cut and you plan to fill as much empty space with excitement as you can.

Open World Game

You love to explore. Your life might not be clear-cut, but it is full of surprises and isn't very objective-orientated. You explore for the purpose of growing your skills and experiences at your own pace.

Massively Multiplayer Online

You are an extremely social person and like to interact in groups. You never travel alone and are constantly changing. Your life is also somewhat objective-oriented with some distractions on the side.

Driving Game

Your life is a mix of several worlds. At times you can be relaxed and calm, then you're kicked into overdrive and competing against someone. Your life is always looking for a time to relax after the last challenge.