What is your Overwhelm type?

Discover the type of overwhelm that's keeping you stuck and 

learn tips to tame it.

Find Out your type

Your desk looks like:

Busy Creative


Everything in it's place


No time to organize


Bare necessities


1 / 7

When you sit down to work you:

Look over a monster to-do list, unsure of the first thing to start


Feel frazzled and unorganized, and somehow end up on FB


Confidently get to work 


Cleverly procrastinate the most important task by doing the 'busy' things first (that floor won't clean itself).


2 / 7

Which of these is the biggest cause for celebration?

Completed everything on the to-do list


Made it to every appointment on time


Completed that scary thing on my list I was nervous about


Felt strong, confident, and enthusiastic about my work


3 / 7

When a session or meeting runs long:

I love the creativity and energy at these!


My day is shot 


One day I'll catch up with everything


4 / 7

When you look at the clock you think:

What?! How did so much time pass? I'm not going to get everything done!


Oh good, I'm on track with my time blocking


hmm. better re-evaluate how much will actually get done today


Beat yourself up wondering how you mismanaged your time so badly. 


5 / 7

What's most important to you? (be honest)

Being on time (it's respectful)


Being well prepared


Quality Relationships




6 / 7

At the end of the day you look like:

Netflix and recover


Still working


Ugh. So much still on the to-do list


So done


7 / 7

Time Pressure

Your Overwhelm Type: Time pressure

Your strengths: You 'make good time,' get things done, and keep people on task. You complete large amounts of work in short amounts of time. You pay attention to detail and value a strong work ethic.

Your Challenges: It feels like time is always ticking too fast. There are too many tasks to complete in too little time. Because of your strength people look to you for help, piling even more tasks on your stretched-to-thin schedule. Being still isn't easy for you - you are wired to start on the next task.

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Productivity Pressure

Your type of overwhelm: Productivity Pressure Overwhelm

Your Strengths: You are super productive. You get sh*t done! People wonder 'how you do it' and notice that you are methodical, consistent, diligent and caring.

Your Challenges: As a super productive person you are a favor magnet - soon you are drowning in commitments. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how productive you can be. Paired with the need to keep improving this pressure leads to burnout. Sometimes you take pleasure in productivity for productivity sake - There are unmeasurable variables that productive pressure types miss.

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Inner Critic

Your type of overwhelm: Inner Critic - negative self talk

Your strength: Your willingness to look critically at yourself inspires consistent massive growth.

Your Challenges: Constant negative self criticism stagnates your progress. Your habit of raking yourself over the coals when you fail to meet high expectations creates negative feelings, anxiety, poor mood, and keeps you stuck.

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Your type of overwhelm: Comparisonitis

Your strength: Your willingness to look learn, tweak, and be open to ideas. You are creative and are known for your high standards.

Your Challenges: You allow yourself to be distracted and triggered by others who have a similar business. You see their shiny branding, website, and social media presence and cue the anxiety bombs.

"Why would anyone want to work with me?"

Actually - you can turn this into a strength.

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