What Kind of Goalkeeper are You?

Take our quiz to find out what kind of goalkeeper you are!

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How do you describe yourself in real life?

You're talented but a bit clumsy at times


You're ambitious and like to take risks


You're a big man but prefer to stay in the comfort zone


You're really active and always want all the attention


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Are you comfortable with being a leader?

Yes, definitely!


Sometimes, yeah


Not quite sure


No, not at all!


2 / 7

You're going to propose to your girlfriend in front of many people. What do you think would happen?

I'm going to shout it out loud in front of everybody, doesn't matter if she says no.


I'm going to be so nervous that I'd drop the ring and humiliate myself


I'm going to kneel down confidently and hope for the best


I don't really like the idea of proposing in front of a crowd


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Which of these animals do you associate with?

A butterfly


A lion


A wolf


A panda


4 / 7

Which situations in football will you fear the most?



Dangerous free-kicks




Thunderous long-range shots


5 / 7

How deep would you like your defensive line to be?

I'm comfortable playing with a high defensive line


I'd like 'em neither too high nor too deep


I prefer a very deep defensive line


I don't really mind however high the defensive line is


6 / 7

Which one of these do you think is your best attribute?

Communication and people management


Athleticism and physicality


Creativity and mental strength


Not really any of those


7 / 7

The Traditional

You're the traditional goalkeeper! You might not be so proficient when it comes to rushing out and ball control, but you're most definitely a big wall between the sticks

The Sweeper Keeper

You're the sweeper keeper! The one that loves to be involved in a play. You're the impenetrable last line of defence and the instigator of attacks.

The Acrobatic

You're the acrobatic goalkeeper! You're quick, athletic, flexible, agile, and most definitely creative. You can make a save with any part of your body and in anyway possible, catching the eyes of the spectators while you do it.

The Butterfingers

You're the butterfingers keeper! You do have talent, you have potential, but things just don't go your way most of the times, but when it does go your way you just can't seem to hold it properly. Sometimes you even wonder whether you're just out of luck or simply proper bad.