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You like that soccer is done in 2 hour - no more, no less. You can make plans for an exact time while still watching the entire game before.

While it may not have the action other sports have, there is skill and strategy that not everyone appreciates.

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Fast paced with lots of actions - all in a fairly manageable time-frame.

Its no wonder hockey is Canada`s game and you chose this sport. Or should we say that hockey chose you!

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You have the ability to focus for long stretches of time without a ton of action going on.

Yet, you still can perform when you are needed! You are dependable for long stretches of time. Just like any of our clothes, no matter how long it is needed for, you are still just as good in the beginning as you are after a long time!


The ultimate team game. There are so many moving pieces that require precision from numerous people all at once.

Unless you have the ball, people won't recognize everything you are doing. Yet, you are essential to the outcome of any given play.

Similar to a tank top worn under football pads. You keep the pads from scratching you up while still keeping you cool.

Our tank tops aren't just great for being worn under pads. They are great to workout in, go for hikes, spend the day around the house - you name it!

Arm-Chair QB

Playing sports isn't really your thing. You know that and are okay with that truth.

You would rather watch Netflix and see how fast you can eat a bowl of popcorn than you would go for a run.

That's okay! As long as you are doing so in one of our super comfy sweaters. They will keep you comfy and cozy as you snuggle up to watch your favorite show.