What NBA player are you most like?

Pick out some clothes and we'll tell you which NBA player you are similar to.

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Russell Westbrook 

You are like Russell Westbrook.

All eyes have to be on you. You are the star of the show. Regardless of if you should be or not.

You are flashy and strive to be on the cutting edge of new.

Like Westbrook, you would rather not dress up in a shirt and tie.

Therefore, you should pair a nice t-shirt with a dress jacket and slacks/jeans for a semi-formal look.

You scored a 4

Spencer Hawes

Who is Spencer Hawes you ask? Well he is the LEGEND who wore a Christmas suit to sit on the bench.

A Christmas suit means you love Christmas. While it is a suit so you think you are styling, the Christmas part takes away from the professionalism of a suit.

Does that matter when you are in the holiday spirit though? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

So release your inner style with ugly Christmas sweaters. They're just what you want at Christmas or anytime!

You scored a 8

James Harden

You dress up. You look good. Well you would rather not wear a tie, you definitely dress to impress.

Sticking mostly to the classics, semi-formal attire is your go to.

Occasionally you will wear some questionable tops. But because of your style, you are able to pull it off.

A pullover sweater fits with your classy style. You are able to put a button up shirt underneath and pop the collar over the top. Or, you can just wear the sweater with some slacks or a nice pair of jeans.

However you wear sweaters, you will be able to pull them off due to your style.

You scored a 12

Playoff Lebron

Playoff Lebron is all about business but with a modern twist. Suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shorts. A classic... minus the shorts.

But regardless, you can pull it off because you rock the classics. You prefer to look your best and that means dressing to the nine.

Yet, when it comes to on the court - you are as good as it gets. A classic tank-top is the perfect fashion statement for when you're feeling sporty!