What Kind Of Mustache Fits Your Personality?

Answer these questions to discover the fine tassel your face was meant to don.
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What are your typical mornings like?

Hitting the gym then off to work.


Blasting music while I shower and get ready.


I typically do not rise before noon.


Answering emails before I even get into work.


Rolling out of bed and running to work.


Taking my time to make breakfast & head out on time.


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Winter to you means:

Cuffing season


Being forced to shop


Non-stop skiing


Breaking out my winter wardrobe




Shoveling snow so I can get around


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What's your texting style?



Full sentences with correct grammar


i jst txt as quickly as pssible whtevr


Emoji city


IDK I rarely text


I'm an over-texter


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Which wild animal would you tame as a loving house pet?













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Which of these classic movies speaks to you?

"Rebel Without a Cause"




"It's a Wonderful Life"


"Citizen Kane"




"The Godfather"


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Choose a burger:

Medium rare beef. Lettuce and tomato


Cheese & ketchup, lots of both


Quinoa burger with salsa and avocado


BBQ burger


Turkey burger and whole wheat bun




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Which bedroom is more your style?













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Where do you usually meet people?

At the bar


At the gym


At the grocery store




At friends-of-friends gatherings


Through my hobbies


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You Should Rock A Horseshoe Mustache

This beard is no joke. It takes commitment, and many will admire it, but you're not doing it for the fame. It will also make for a great TBT one day. Maintenance tip: Pay SUPER close attention when shaving to keep up its shape. You don't want to lose a limb.

You Should Rock A Professor's Mustache

You've got the time and the will to keep up a more groomed look, so do it. Let your beard grow free, but keep those edges tight. Achieving this mustache will be considered a win and you'll be making a serious statement. Maintenance tip: Constantly brush your beard to keep the look intact.

You Should Rock A Regular Mo

You're probably pretty stylish and already have a committed look going on, so it's best to just keep things simple. But you'll look so naturally good, they'll think you woke up like this. Maintenance tip: Trim all time, making sure to keep it neat and tidy. It's a groomed look.

You Should Rock A Magnum P.I. Mustache

You're a man's man, and you're suave. This is about nothing but you, yourself and thou, so take this opportunity to let your relationship with your inner panther-bear shine by growing an intimidating but welcoming 'stache. Maintenance tip: Keep it trimmed at all times with grooming scissors.

You Should Rock A Handlebar Mustache

You're independent, and something of an artistic rebel. Take this opportunity to let your face be as fearless as you are and get some handlebars going. This look isn't for everyone, but if anyone can pull it off, it's you. Maintenance tip: Do. Not. Trim. Let it go, and tame it by combing and waxing daily.