What kind of Procrastinator are You?

Knowing your Procrastination Personality is crucial to understanding what's been holding you back in achieving your life dreams and moving forward. 

Discover your procrastination personality

I would most hate to...

feel unaccepted 


make a mistake


make massive changes


be perceived as bad


be seen as flawed


1 / 7

I find it difficult to...

make up my mind


embrace change


increase my income


allow people to see the real me


rock the boat


2 / 7

My worst fear would be...

to let go of my life now


to be perceived as selfish or greedy


to be seen as lacking or not good enough


to be unlovable and unwanted


to be seen as wrong


3 / 7

Two things I cherish are

Stability and Comfort


Contentment and Humility


Privacy and Security


Belongingness and Harmony


Assurance and Respect


4 / 7

My Achilles heel is. . .

having good boundaries


trying to make it perfect


throwing old things away


not spending on myself


not wanting to be centre of attention


5 / 7

I would love to xyz but what if...

I'm ridiculed?


I upset someone?


I make a mistake?


I feel overwhelmed?


I'm judged as bad?


6 / 7

Which statement resonates the most?

I am Successful


I am Free


I am Godly


I am Enough


I am Loved


7 / 7

Perprtual Lover

You have a strong desire to be loved and accepted especially by the people and communities that matter to you. Procrastination is a result of you hesitating on taking action in case you upset or hurt others. This People-Pleasing Prison is keeping you stuck from achieving what God has placed in your heart.

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Error Officer

You have a strong desire to be right which covers up the fear of getting it wrong. Procrastination is actually a handy way to stop you from making what you feel are costly mistakes that could make you feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, all this perfectionism is stopping you from achieving the success you desire.

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Small Player

You have a strong desire to live life which wrestles with a desire for stability and security. You don't like change and you don't like letting go because you can't be sure if you'll like what that future will look like. Procrastination provides you with a way of staying safe by playing small even though you know deep inside you can do so much more.

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Poor Thinker

You've likely been raised with strong beliefs around money and what it means to have it. And you probably struggle to get your mind around how being a "good Christian" with money works. Your procrastination shows up especially when you're about to make an investment in yourself or upgrade in some way and therefore you tend to get out what you put in.

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Hidden Gem

One of your worst fears in being seen by others, it's not just about being visible but being vulnerable. There may be something about yourself that you feel ashamed of or guilty about and you don't want other people to discover this "truth". Procrastination gives you an opportunity to remain safe by staying small or hiding.

Ready to Break Through Procrastination?