What kind of Productivity Queen are You?

What is your productivity strength and weakness?

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When I wake up in the morning....

I feel as if there isn't enough time


Everything is so out of place


Too many things are going on at once


I will get there in a breeze, if I could just get there


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When I get to work I am

Working my body to its max. I get all my steps in.


Daydream is my middle name.


On to the next task in a matter of minutes


Probably planning for what I should have planned yesterday


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In a meeting, on the phone, or in the middle of a conversation, I am probably....

scrolling social media for the latest news


thinking about everything I have to do!


doing something, I can't sit still.


keeping it short. Ain't nobody got time for that!


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If something goes wrong I usually....

Don't have plans together but will land on my two feet


There's always problems, not worried at all!


tackle it head on, it has to be handled


believe if something can go wrong, it will wrong


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Your boss needs something in 3 minutes, you will most likely

Ask them if that's it because you aren't coming back a second or third time


Bring it to them immediately 


Forget and wait until they ask you again


Take 5 more minutes to make sure you got it right


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When you get home...

you indulge in everything you want to do


the hustle never ends


either collapse tired or stay restless


neglect everything and netflix


6 / 6

Fine, Fierce, and Unfocused

You do so much. You wear all the hats. You eat creativity and breathe out ideas everyday. People are in awe of what you know and can find out. That curiosity never stops! But did you remember that meeting tomorrow or grandmas birthday? Probably not. Sounds like you need to tune into the groove you live and get aligned! Pay some attention!

Safe. Solid. Sound. Superwoman.

You can out perform anyone on your worst days. You are an overachiever and you push your body and resources to their very last. The people that love you tell you you need to rest but you can stand, run, think, longer than anyone they know. You work 360 days out of the year and you would probably do the other 5 if your body didn't need the rest. If you are not burned out, you are uncomfortable.

On the way, but never home

You are always on the go and there is always something to do. You probably live in a car or mobile/temporary something. Time is a blur and never ending but all you know is you have to go, go, go. You wear the swiftest of capes but need some time to cease the flying and land. There's very little that can stop you but you know you can manage.

Sophisticated Chaos

Your closet's probably a mess but you always look good. Your car probably looks bad on the inside but you will always arrive. Your desk? A mess. Preparedness is not your strong suit but performance is. You don't make it look easy but you get it done.