What Photography Skill Should You Build on Next?

Figure out what your strengths are in photography and build on them!

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When shooting in manual mode, you:

Consistently get properly exposed images.


Struggle to understand the exposure triangle.


Sometimes get well exposed images and sometimes have underexposed images.


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What do you use for white balance?



Camera Presets


Gray Card


I don't set my own white balance.


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How do you feel about the light in your home?

I have amazing natural light and can find it in any room in my house.


I have zero light in my house.


I can only photograph in one room because the rest don't have great light.


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Which composition guide do you use the most?

Rule of Thirds


Leading Lines




Negative space


I just put my subject in the center.


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I have been shooting in manual mode for...

I don't shoot in manual mode.


Less than a year.


More than a year.


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When people look at my photos, they know right away that I took them.





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I can create consistent photos from camera to editing each time. 



Most of the time.




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Time to Nail Down Your Photography Style

Impressive! Having mastered manual mode, you have a strong foundation for photography, and have a firm understanding of how to use light and composition to tell your story.

Time to Master Manual Mode

Great job! You have a strong desire to understand your DSLR camera to photograph the life around you. While you know you have the creativity and ability to freeze the everyday moments, you just aren't getting consistent results when shooting in manual mode.

Time to Tackle Light & Composition

Way to go! You have a strong foundation with your knowledge of manual mode and you consistently capture well exposed images with the correct white balance. While you also know how to take a tack sharp image each and every time you pick up your camera.