What Role in Clinical Research Fits You?

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Which of these are you best at?

Noticing things out of place


Having conversations with people


Developing a gameplan


Making business deals


Teaching someone something new


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What type of social setting do you prefer?

A cozy, quiet coffee shop ~Good Vibes~


A busy bar with lots of conversations!


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Do you love to travel for work?

Yes! Where's my plane ticket?


No, I don't like being on the road...


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Do you prefer direct or non-direct customer interaction?

I like face-to-face interactions!


People are difficult, I'd prefer less human interaction in my work.


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Describe yourself in one word!











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Quality Assurance Specialist

You are great at documenting and ensuring all the "t's" are crossed and "i's" are dotted. You have good organization skills, and are detail oriented. A Quality Assurance Specialist makes sure the proper documentation and completion of required forms, appropriate staff training in all good clinical practice standards, and participates in study auditing. QA Specialists may also work to verify data collection points for accuracy and completion.

Business Development Associate

You are good with numbers and knowing how to seal the deal. Business Development Associates help plan and implement the business infrastructure of the organization. From bringing trials in, to generating interest in medications or devices being tested through clinical research to expanding to additional sites.

Clinical Research Coordinator

You are good at connecting with people and making them feel comfortable. A Clinical Research Coordinator works with the Principal Investigator at a site, and is responsible for directing the clinical trial. They ensure that good clinical practice is followed and that credible data is collected from the trial participants.

Clinical Research Associate

You are good at analyzing and teaching others how to improve their processes. A Clinical Research Associate monitors and collaborates with individuals at the site level administering clinical trials. CRA's perform investigational product accountability and ensures that all necessary items are properly documented.

Clinical Scientist

You are good at explaining processes, and developing a safe and effective plan. A Clinical Scientist works alongside medical monitors to write protocols for the proposed trial while executing data analysis of tested investigational product from start to finish.