What's wrong with me?

Get to the bottom of what makes you stressed

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What makes you feel happy?

Getting time alone


Making a goal


Being with friends


Completing a goal


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How would your friends and family describe you?

Creative, spontaneous, unique


Smart, ambitious, no-nonsense


Perfectionist and orderly


Social, the center of attention, friendly


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What's your worst fear?

Teaching 3 year olds


Not getting recognition


Being stuck in a boring desk job


Working at a JOB


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In your free time you would

Paint, Dance and Write


Get together with friends


Read and Learn


Clean... just clean 


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Who do you admire

Hamilton (the play)




Marie Kondo


Tony Robbins


5 / 7

I'm excited to



Be a keynote


Have a party


Make the perfect meal


6 / 7

In school you were







Teacher's Helper


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Your passion and happiness relies on supporting and encouraging others. You are someone who connects easily and finds the best in people. You love to share! You make friends easily and love to learn about others. Everyone is interesting! What's holding you back from connecting on every level? Are you finding the best in yourself? Are you ready to discover what is keeping you trapped in feeling rejected, lonely or unwanted and to find the link to how disconnection is creating your stress? Are you ready to FREE yourself to be connected and feel naturally and easily included?


Your passion and happiness relies on creating! You are original and unique - the one and only you! Your imagination gives you joy and the more you explore it the more you are empowered to feel fulfilled! What is holding you back from creating your masterpiece? How do you know you are not doing your best? What does it feel like inside when you are not recognized for your fantastical creation? Are you ready to discover what keeps you stressed, trapped and stifling your natural instinct to express your creativity? Are you ready to FREE yourself to create what you dream naturally and easily?


Your passion and happiness relies on you having everything orderly. You are the organizer that has it figured out to the T. Confident in keeping everything in line and assured that your way is the right way, you move forward and get everything in place. It's natural for you to know the process that will be efficient and beneficial. Considering all angles, you quickly plan and prepare. When everything isn't in line, what will happen? How do you feel when the best way is not the chosen way? If the process breaks, what happens inside you? Are you ready to discover the link to how disorganization creates stress and better yet to allow your expertise to be appreciated naturally and easily?


Your passion and happiness relies on you bringing great value to others! You are born to lead! You study and learn the best approaches to well... everything. You find the cures and teach the world your findings. Whatever you learn, you are sure to benefit the world with it. Others are fascinated with your ability to take action. Intelligent and quick thinking.. you even struggle with overthinking. Where does this insatiable drive stem from? What is so bad about not making an impact? What keeps you up at night? Are you ready to discover the link to how your driven, overworked mind is creating you stress? Are you ready to FREE yourself to rest, relax and still feel important and accomplished?