What’s your Countertop Style?

Learn what your Countertop style says about you.

Discover your countertop style!

When people walk into your kitchen the first thing you want them to notice about your countertop is...





Marble Look


Clean Lines


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If you had a choice to pick what colors you want in your countertop it would be...

Gray or White with some other colors


Beige & Browns with some other colors




Only Gray & White


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When it comes to movement or the pattern in your countertop you typically pick...

Almost looks fake it's so perfect


Thick Lines


Exotic (Different all over)




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You would say that your style is more...









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You love the simple things in life and focus on what matters most. A countertop to you is simply that. It just needs to be there for support when your family makes a mess and doesn't ruin your beautiful cabinets. You focus on making memories with friends and family not how your countertop makes people feel.


You love the beauty of different things coming together to work. A countertop to you should tell a story of how it was formed. It should be as unique as you are. You focus on making others feel comfortable in their own skin.


You love all things marble. Anything marble just makes your heart skip a beat. You tend to pick what is on trend or in style then mix it up with your own style. Sometimes you fall in love with an old trend and try to mix it with a new trend. You just love being in style with the latest trends.

Engineered Quartz

You love the modern feel of how clean everything can look with design. In your opinion, a countertop should catch someone's eye because of the clean design not the extravagant pattern. It is an art piece that has no need to speak. You focus on not just the clean design, but also the cleanliness it brings to your life.