What's Your Organizing Vice?

We all struggle with staying PERFECTLY organized, even the pros. Let's see if we can guess your struggle!

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Do you make your bed every day?

Every. Single. Morning.


Sometimes... but it depends on the day.


I don't even bother.


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Which best describes your wardrobe?

It's minimal. I only have what I need.


I probably still have things from high school buried in my drawers.


Sales are my weakness - I have a lot and really don't wear most of it.


Not small, not large - but I try to live by the one in/one out rule.


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What is your relationship with doing the dishes?

What relationship? I don't want to do the dishes.


It's a healthy relationship. I do the dishes pretty often.


I do the dishes as soon as we're done eating.


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The laundry is done! What's going to happen next?

I'll take it out & put everything away the same day.


I will move it to the chair or basket in my room where it will now live for a while.


Oh gosh, I forgot about the laundry. Let me use this "de-wrinkle" setting real quick... 


I outsource laundry, because I don't have the time or energy.


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If I opened one of your drawers right now, what would it look like?

Everything is divided and organized.


There is some organization, but it's pretty scattered.


Please don't look! I'm not even sure what's in there.


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Guests are coming over soon and you need to tidy up!

It's already tidy. I don't even mind if they open the cabinets!


I'm not too worried. As long as they don't look in any closets or drawers...


It might be a little messy, but I've got systems in place that will make it easy to tidy up.


Hide all the things in all the closets. Go, go, go!


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Do you tend to have a lot of paper clutter?

No, I have a system in place to deal with it.


It can pile up, but I clean it up every few weeks.


Oh yes, there is always a mountain of paper.


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What is your biggest motivation to stay organized?

I want to make sure my home looks tidy for guests.


I feel more sane when everything is organized.


I'm busy enough with other things and don't want to deal with mess when I get home.


8 / 10

What is your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping your house tidy?

I can't seem to find the right systems that work for me in the first place.


I just can't find the time to deal with it.


I have too much stuff.


Children. I can blame them, right?


9 / 10

Would you hire an organizer if it was in your budget?

Absolutely, please send help.


Possibly, but I'm not sure that I need it.


No, I'll probably try to figure it out on my own regardless.


10 / 10

you're a S T A C K E R

If you're an extreme stacker, you may say you're living in "organized chaos" most of the time... but you'd be lying if you said you can always find what you need. You may have the intention of finding things a home, but once a pile begins, it's hard to make it stop!

you're a S H O V E R

We'd be willing to bet most of your home looks pretty tidy... as long as no one opens any doors. You prefer to keep guests away from your closets and cabinets, because the hidden areas in your home can easily become a disaster. You live by the motto: "out of sight, out of mind" - especially when it comes to the clutter.

you're a S H O P P E R

Your shopping habit tends to overrule the tidiness of your home - whether it's clothes shopping, buying multiples of things you already have in the pantry "just in case," or stocking up on new household items every time there's a sale. You may have organizing systems in place that should work for you in theory, but you just can't seem to stop them from overflowing.

you're a S O L V E R

Help? No way, you'd never ask for that! You're always looking for DIY solutions, but you tend to act before really thinking things through. You make changes on a whim and find yourself constantly re-working the same spaces over & over again.