What's your shoe personality?

Ever wanted to know what shoe you relate to the most? Take our short quiz to find out!
Lets go!













1 / 7

Spending quality time with friends


Getting time to shop and exercise


Painting the town red with your gang!


Pretending to be dead so you don't have to talk to people or do things


Chilling at home with your jammies


Completing pending chores


2 / 7

Stroll: I walk at a leisurely pace


Strut: I have a wicked way of walking and I ain't afraid to show it!


Skip: Can't contain myself positivity!


Shuffle: Just dragging along...


I'm inconsistent


I haven't paid much attention


3 / 7

Sharing stories about your awesome life


Down for adventure


Having an intellectual conversation


Contemplating the future of humankind (why am I even here?)


Stuck with glue to a seat near the food


Shy and reserved


4 / 7

Very! I love physical challenges


I play sports for fun


I'm good watching from a distance


I don't like to move or sweat or watch other people move or sweat


I play/ watch sports every now and then


Playing/ watching sports isn't really my thing


5 / 7





Sense of humor


Ability to stay calm


Taking quizzes




6 / 7





Dance/ Pop








7 / 7

Flip Flops

You're pretty laid-back and comfortable in your skin. You prefer to sit back, relax and take things as they come to you.You don't fuss over the little things in life and your casual and chilled out attitude makes you likable and fun.


You're full of energy, enthusiasm and jokes. You like interacting with people and having a good time. You're fairly easy to talk to and simple to figure out.


You're down-to-earth and value comfort and practicality more than style. A minimalist to the core- you appreciate simplicity in design as well as life in general.

Who says simple can't be elegant?


You're playful and quirky. You're most likely an extrovert and enjoy sharing your thoughts on issues that move you. You're unpredictable and fun and that's what makes you so special.


You're a deep thinker and a wanderer of sorts. While you do like company and will volunteer to carry the burden of other's problems, you're fiercely independent. It's not easy to get under your skin and that's not just because you're a bit of an introvert.


You're a bit vain. You like taking risks and have a great deal of self confidence. You will do anything for the thrill of winning. You certainly know how to make an entrance and charm people with ease.