What's Your Superpower?

We all have them...find out yours here!

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1. When a colleague is upset, I support them by: 

Seeking understanding of their perspective


Listening to their concerns 


Staying calm when things get hectic 


Sharing tactics to address the issue


Providing honest feedback


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I collaborate best with:

Someone I can brainstorm with


No favorite type - I love variety!


Someone who commits and follows through


Someone who challenges me


Someone with whom I can easily build a strong connection


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The most challenging part of my job is:

Not enough time to do creative/strategic work


Not having enough information and resources


Dealing with a colleague who isn’t pulling their weight 


Other people’s resistance to change


Not enough time to listen to everyone's opinion


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What I like most about my job is: 

Planning for the future


Helping someone feel like they matter


Making a difference in the lives of others


Learning new information


Variety - there is never a dull day!


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The way I stay motivated at work is: 

Starting a new project


Getting support from my colleagues


Taking time off 


Attending conferences to learn from others


Praising colleagues with encouraging accolades


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When working with someone who is different from me, I connect with them by:

Just treat them like everyone else


Try to see things from their point of view


Be upfront when I don't understand their perspective


Ask them lots of questions


Have conversations so we understand each other better


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When faced with a difficult task, I start by:

Start on it for a bit then return to my other tasks; chip away at it


Prioritization – where does this fit into the rest of my tasks?


Seek out a trusted colleague to collaborate and complete it together


Break it down into smaller steps and complete step 1


Tackle it head on – jump into the deep end!


7 / 7


You are understanding, patient and kind. You are a fantastic listener and, in all your encounters, seek to build relationships with individual colleagues. You understand that every individual is important. This commitment is respected across the organization; people seek you out for your strong, supportive leadership!


You are focused on the future and love to think about what could be versus what is. It’s likely you have an outcome-driven approach, which is a fortuitous trait to possess in today’s healthcare environment. You may be involved in strategy development and long-term planning at your organization. You have a glass is half-full outlook, see opportunity around every corner, and are a positive force at your organization. You inspire those around you.


You are honest and authentic, with strong moral principles. You are deliberate and care about making a difference in the lives of others. You inspire others to always do the right thing, even if it is inconvenient. Whether you are holding management accountable or speaking up for a new initiative, you are the organization's best advocate!


You are resourceful and calm under pressure, adapting in the moment to whatever is happening around you. You’re known for providing excellent solutions no matter how challenging the situation. Your coworkers look to you as a model of adaptability and seek you out when something new is on the horizon. As behavioral healthcare changes, so do you. We need more people like you—ready for a different day… every day!