What Type of Indian Sweet Are You?

Find out which Festive sweet is best suited for you!

Take this quiz!

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Check my phone! 


Morning? I'm an afternoon riser!




Brush my teeth! Duh! 


1 / 5

What is your favorite social media platform?





Who needs social media?




2 / 5

How many friends do you have?

I keep it simple, one is all I need!


20? 50? I cant keep track!


A few close friends keep me happy


3 / 5

Which is your favourite Indian City?







I don't have a favourite! I love them all! 


4 / 5

What kind of food do you prefer?



Sweet of course! 


I like my food mild!


I like a mixture of flavours! 


5 / 5


You're a Jalebi! Known to be intricate and for your wild flavours, you are a fire that's yet to be put out!

Gulab Jamun

You're Gulab Jamun! Loved by all and extremely sweet, you're one dish that the world needs more of!

Kaju Katli

You're Kaju Katli! From its subtle taste to its sweet flavor, you are a dense but joyous human being!


You're Peda! Known to be a crowd favourite, you're sweet sugar and the center of attraction!