What Type of Mom Blogger Are You?

Are you a Natural Teacher, the Blogging Bestie, or an Inspirational Force? And why is it so important to know for your blog? Take the short quiz to find out!

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What phrase best describes your life perspective?

Every cloud has a silver lining


A goal without a plan is just a wish


Relationships are the heart and soul of life


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When people have finished reading a blog post of yours, you hope they feel:

like they've been talking to a friend


like they've figured something out


uplifted and ready to take on the day


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If someone leaves a negative comment on your blog, you're most likely going to:

try to present a different, more positive, perspective


ask them why they feel that way


show them links/data to back up your view


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When someone asks you what you do, you say something like:

I help people


I share stories


I inspire people


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Which image best represents how you want others to feel when reading your blog?


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Which option below best describes the majority of posts on your blog?

Personal thoughts, stories, and opinions


Helpful, step-by-step tutorials


Big picture ideas and motivational content


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In your opinion, which profession is the most important?



Life Coach




7 / 7

Inspirational Force

You are an optimist and a natural leader. From your perspective, there is no valley too deep to climb out of or giant too big to conquer. Your positivity is infectious and has great potential for impacting the lives of others.

WHY it matters to your blog: Since you often see life from the "big picture" perspective, it'll be important for you to break your ideas down into actionable recommendations so your readers can experience a real transformation after reading your blog.

Blogging Bestie

You've always been able to make friends easily and you authentically care about people. You have no problem sharing your personal stories, struggles and experiences, and that makes it easy for people to feel connected to you.

WHY it matters to your blog: Since you often write in a casual and personal way, it'll be important for you to remember to include some kind of lesson or "takeaway" into your blog posts to ensure your readers come away feeling like your post benefited them in a lasting way.

Natural Teacher

You're a natural teacher, a great listener and have a deep desire to help people. Your "in real life" friends are always telling you how patient you are. Your blog posts almost always teach people how to overcome a problem or achieve a goal, and your readers are super grateful for you because of that.

WHY it matters to your blog: Since your natural inclination is to teach in a matter-of-fact way, it'll be important for you to make an effort to infuse some of "you" in your posts by sharing your personality, as well as your own experiences, stories and struggles.