What type of suit are you?

Have you ever wondered what piece of tailoring you are? Well of course you have! Take our quiz to find out if you're a dashing tuxedo, an eclectic sports jacket or a classic pinstripe...

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Which of the following pets are you most likely to own?

I don't want a pet


A cat


A goldfish


A racehorse


A budgerigar


1 / 5

You're going to the cinema. What film do you choose?

Something wildly romantic


A thought-provoking documentary


An uproarious comedy


An edge-of-your-seat action film


I can't decide!


2 / 5

What's your ideal meal?

A colourful salad


Steak frites


Bangers and mash


Anything I can eat on the go


A fusion restaurant - so many choices!


3 / 5

Which drink are you most likely to enjoy on a night out?



A beer


A fancy cocktail


Pink gin


A martini, shaken, not stirred...


4 / 5

What song describes your life?

Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash


Parklife - Blur


Don't Stop Believing - Journey


Keep on Running - Spencer Davis Group


Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon


5 / 5

You are a sports jacket with contrasting trousers!  

You are a sports jacket with contrasting trousers! The ideal piece to wear with any outfit; it's an eclectic, fun, piece that embraces creativity and variety. Embrace your ability to balance out any situation with style and flair!

You are a pinstripe suit! 

You are a pinstripe suit! Successful, elegant, always on the go. You embody true sartorial class, whilst oozing power and general awesomeness. Stay classy!

You are a classic two-piece suit! 

You are a classic two-piece suit! You enjoy the simple pleasures in life and that means you're dependable, wise but still full of style and elegance.

You are a tuxedo!

No Mr Bond, I expect you to...look fabulous! You are a tuxedo. The true creme de la creme of the suit world, you are a dashing dreamboat and leave people swooning in your wake!

You are a three-piece check suit with contrasting waistcoat!

You are a three-piece check suit with contrasting waistcoat! Not one to shy away from life, you live every day to its fullest and brighten up everyone and everything around you.