What Type of Walker Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which couch to 5k program is best for you!

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How often do you Walk per week?

1-2 times


3-4 times


5-6 times


More like once a month.


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How often do you (or would like to) participate in races or competitions?

Maybe once a year


2-4 times a year


As often as I can!


I prefer to walk for fun 


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Where do you enjoy walking?

on a track (indoor and outdoor tracks)


On trails or roads in the mountains; sometimes I travel to destinations to try out popular routes


With groups of people in my neighborhoods on the sidewalks or backroads


On level accessible trails and roads close to home


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What's your must-have piece of walking equipment?

mobility aides - walking sticks, canes, walkers, etc...


A fitness tracker to help track my progress


A personal trainer so I can have accountability and motivation 


What do you mean there's "equipment" that I need?


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Why do you enjoy walking or want to start a fitness program?

It's a great workout 


It gives me the ability to be outside and spend time with friends


It gives me the opportunity to compete in races


It's an easy way to start exercising!


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How long can you walk without having to stop or take a break

under ten minutes


10 - 20 minutes


20 - 30 minutes


30 minutes or more


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What is your biggest challenge right now?

INJURY: I am recovering from an injury or illness 


STUCK: I have been walking but lack the motivation and accountability to walk on a regular basis


NEWBIE: I am new to fitness walking


DEADLINE: I have signed up for a 5K and I want to be ready


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You're a PEACEFUL Pedestrian!  

You like walking because it gets you outside & it may be something that you are physically capable of doing to be active.

You're a WALKING Warrior!

You enjoy walking as a form of exercise but don't dedicate a ton of your time to racing & competitive events. You might have a fitness tracker to track your performance.

You're a ROADRUNNER Racer!

You may have participated in walk/run race before and want to get back into it. You want to up your game by increasing your speed or distance walking or to start running.