Where should you start to reduce mental clutter?

Knowing you need to reduce mental clutter? Easy. Knowing where to start? Not as easy. Take this quiz and find out what you should start doing first to find peace, clarity, and make room for what matters!

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Woo! It's the weekend! What are you doing?

Already stressing about work on Monday


Something outside!


Running errands, kids to activities, birthday parties, playdates, and more


Cleaning and organizing. I'm finally going to get things under control!


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It's way past your bedtime, but you're still awake. What is keeping you up?

I had a function that went really late!


I'm in bed, but I can't shut my brain off


Trying to get some cleaning done before tomorrow


I was online ordering pads/tampons, paper towels, tissues, etc. and got distracted on social media


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Time to get dressed for the day. How easy is it for you to pick out an outfit?

Not very. I often get overwhelmed by all my choices


Fairly easy. I have just the right amount of clothes to choose from


I'm neutral. I'm usually thinking about too many other things to focus on clothes


Easy. It has to be because I've got too many other places to be to spend time picking out clothes!


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You find yourself with some unexpected free time. What do you do?

Take a walk at my local park


Clean my house


Use the time to check some more things off the ole to-do list


Try to do something relaxing, but end up working myself up into an anxiety-filled or stressed state


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Where would your ideal vacation spot be?

Somewhere I don't have to clean, cook, or be surrounded by clutter


Somewhere I can just relax without commitments 


Somewhere I can spend a lot of time in nature!


Somewhere I don't have to worry about anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, etc. 


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When talking to a friend, you think you may have said something to offend her. What do you do?

Replay the situation over and over in your head trying to decide what to do


Call her while driving to your next function


Invite her out for dessert at your local restaurant patio to talk things over


Think it over while doing chores, then reach out to her


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What would you prefer to hang on your living room walls?

I feel surrounded by random pieces of art, kids drawings, or things I don't really love


I have to think about it - I'm usually running around so much I don't remember!


I prefer natural things, like found branches and driftwood, and nature photography


Something that calms me down when I'm feeling stressed or anxious


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What does a typical dinner look like for you?

I'm busy so lots of prepackaged and already-prepared food


Something I can eat while errands, the kids to sports, etc.


I like to cook at home, but find my kitchen so cluttered and messy all the time, it's hard to make anything


Eating and talking with my partner/a friend about stressful things that happened that day, or something I'm nervous about


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You got Reducing Waste!

You love the environment, love spending time outside, want to help, but feel like you don't have the time, resources, or you don't know how to start. You're tired of spending time running errands to pick up disposable paper towels, tissues, cleaning products, etc. You're tired of cleaning up wrappers all around the house and the car. And let's not even start on the plastic bag pile you've got in your closet or under your sink.

While reducing waste may not be an obvious solution to reducing mental clutter, it can play a big role, and is a great place to start!

Reducing waste can reduce mental clutter through:

-Saving money (stress a little less about money)

-Gaining back time spent on running errands all the time

-Less clutter from excess packaging and impulse buys (looking at you, Target)

-Getting into an overall 'reduce' mindset

Convinced? Great.

So now, where to start?

To get free resources catered to reducing waste, please sign up below!

You got Declutter!

Clutter is causing you anxiety, stress, and TONS of mental clutter. You feel like you spend most of your time organizing, cleaning, looking for lost items, or drowning in piles of 'stuff'. No matter how much time you spend cleaning and organizing, you can never seem to get ahead.

Or maybe you've tried to start decluttering, but quickly got overwhelmed and didn't know how to move forward.

Reducing physical clutter can help you reduce mental clutter by:

-Less stress and anxiety

-Saving you money (less money stress) by adopting a new mindset of reducing what comes into your home

-Allows you to be surrounded by ONLY things you love!

-Frees up time previously spent cleaning, looking for lost items, and organizing!

Want to know where to start? I've got a TON of resources that can help you tackle clutter once and for all. Sign up below to receive personalized resources.

You got Minimalism and Intentional Living!

You often feel overwhelmed in many areas of your life. You find yourself always answering the question:

"how are you?" ...

with "busy".

You feel like you spend all your time running around, checking things off your endless to do list, with no time for yourself, your hobbies (what are THOSE?) or your family and friends. You often feel you are running on autopilot instead of living with intention.

Minimalism is all about REDUCING things in your life that don't bring meaning, in order to live a life more in line with your values and the things that do bring you joy (and no, this doesn't just apply to physical clutter).

Intentional living is all about being, well, intentional about how you are living your life.

So, how do you start REDUCING things and living with more intention? Sign up below to receive personalized resources to help you start clearing things that don't bring you purpose and filling that void with more intentional living!

You got Mindfulness!

You find yourself constantly feeling stressed, anxious, and/or overwhelmed. You find yourself thinking about something in the future, making up scenarios in your head (what if), or thinking about something from the past. You have trouble quieting your mind. You have trouble falling asleep because of your racing thoughts.

Mindfulness can help quiet the mental clutter. It can help you calm down, find inner peace, and relax. The best part about it? It takes very little effort, just practice.

So how do you start incorporating mindfulness into your life? There are many different options! Sign up below for your personalized resources to help you integrate mindfulness in order to reduce mental clutter.