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Do you like living things?





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You have a lot of work to do. Do you...

...keep on working even though its late


...go to sleep because its to late


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When you go to a party, do you...

...go alone


...bring some friends along


3 / 10

Someone has been bothering you for a while now, and you have asked them to stop but they don't. Do you...

Go and start arguing with them


Let them bother you


4 / 10

When you are arguing with someone, and it starts to get pretty intense, do you...

Keep on arguing


Stop arguing and try to stop the argument


5 / 10

You are playing a video game and your party gets attacked by an unknown something, and your friend is down. Do you...

Take care of your friend


Keep a look out


6 / 10

You are on a public bus. Are you...

...watching out for anything suspicious




7 / 10

Would you rather...

...have a twin sibling


...have a younger sibling


...have an older sibling


...have no siblings


8 / 10

When in a conversation with someone, do you...

Start the conversation yourself


Let them start the conversation, but keep it going for a while.


9 / 10

You have been running a marathon, and are starting to get tired. Do you...

Stop for a bit and take a break


Keep on running


10 / 10


You got Nihonium! Nihonium is one of the newer elements, and is made by fusing bismuth and zinc. You react to things quickly, but are fast to recover and re-orient yourself.

Why? Nihonium is an element that took a long time to discover. It was indicated a long time ago, but it was recently approved and is now part of the periodic table. It is highly radioactive, but has a half-life of about 10 seconds.


You are Californium! Californium was discovered in Berkeley labs in CAL! You are helpful and are always on the lookout for things. You also are good at starting conversations with other people.

Why? Californium is used in machines to detect metal fatigue and stress in planes. It is also used in metal detectors. It also is used as a neutron start up source for nuclear reactors, meaning it helps get the reactros going.


You got Titanium! You are persistent with your work, and are one of a kind. You are not to flashy, but everyone knows who you are. You are also part of a big family. Also, you like to stay with the things you have.

Why? Titanium oxide is the most common form of Titanium, however it is hard to turn into Titanium Metal. It looks like most metals, but has a distinct name. Most of the periodic table is also made up of Transition metals, which Titanium is part of. Because Titanium metal is very resilient, it isn't super flexible.


You are Argon! You are flexible, and are open to changes, but like to stay alone or with your friends.

Why? Argon is a noble gas that has a very low boiling and melting point, very close to each other. It is easily changeable from gas to liquid and vise versa, and is used to remove oxygen when experimenting with compounds that are highly reactive to oxygen. Because Argon is a noble gas, it has a full shell which then means that it will not bond with other elements well.


You got Oxygen! You have a twin sibling who is just as helpful as you, and bond really well with others. You care for your friend. Although react strongly in some moods, you also are essential to life, and are well-known.

Why? Oxygen is a non-metal that has two major forms. O2 and Ozone. Ozone is like a brother, who sits in the atmosphere absorbing the UV rays to keep us alive. Liquid oxygen is highly reactive, so that is why you react strongly only in some moods. And, most people know what oxygen is since it is one of the most common elements on earth.


You are Lithium! You are bright, and once you get going, you just keep going, no matter the cost. You are not super reactive, and have lots of stamina.

Why? Lithium is an alkali metal that is much less reactive than sodium, and burns very bright, even in nitrogen, it keeps on glowing. It also is used most commonly in batteries.


You are Radium! You are active all the time, and help people when they are sick. You are also not first to share everything about yourself.

Why? Radium is an alkali earth metal that is radioactive, and used to be used to help treat cancer. At first, people did not realize it was radioactive, and by the time they did, it had already done a lot of damage. Fact: It was used in watches because of its glowey property, but when it was realized it was radioactive, it was removed from the watches.


You are Iodine! You love living things, and take good care of them. You also like to shine sometimes, but also help people recover from their injuries and are well known.

Why? Iodine is a Halogen that is very essential to life. It is used sometimes in table salts in certain countries, and can be used as a disinfectant.