Which design career is right for me?

The built environment offers a range of opportunities for creative and design oriented individuals to carve out a career. Take this quiz to find out which path is right for you!

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Select a tool that suits you best

My own hands


Pen and paper


Material boards


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When do your best ideas come to you?

Sitting in a relaxing cafe


Walking through a busy city


Hiking up a mountain


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Which home is your dream home?

A penthouse apartment


A luxury villa


A small cabin surrounded by gardens


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What are you naturally the best at?

Big perspective thinking and creating connections between objects.


Using detail to create aesthetically pleasing objects


Using space and colour to evoke comfort or feeling


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When you're in your own home, what improvements are you most likely to think of?

The floor plan and overall design of the place


Up dating wall colouring, flooring, and furnishings


Yard and garden spaces


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When you were a toddler, what were you more likely to eat?







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On weekends, where are you most likely to be found?

Having a picnic in a park


Checking out a gallery or exhibit


Having brunch in a busy cafe


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When you're at the shops what do you notice more?

The large scale planning and design of the centre


The outside garden precincts


The inside materials, colours and furnishings used


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What are you most drawn to?







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How would you rather spend your holidays?

Exploring New York City


On A Wilderness Escape


Decorating for a Family Christmas


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You're walking past the Sydney Opera House, what do you do? 

Walk around it wandering how they came up with the sail like design


Go inside to see how the lighting and texture make the place come alive


Walk past it and find a nice spot to relax in the Botanical Gardens nearby 


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Landscape Architecture

You are drawn to nature and the outside world. You think in the big picture and have a good ability to bring things together. You thrive in nature and want to create a world where humans can connect with their natural environment. If this sounds true, Landscape architecture might just be the career for you!

Interior Design

You have an eye for colour and space. You know how to create atmosphere and feeling and are in touch with the subtleties required to induce them. If this sounds familiar, Interior Design may just be for you!


Line, shape, light, and space, these are the elements you love to play with. You dream of creating beauty in the structures around you and using that to make the world a better place. If this sounds like you, Architecture might be your perfect fit.