Which Female Rock Icon Are You?

Are you someone who always pushes the boundaries? Are you someone who doesn't give up? Are you always the coolest person in the room? Take this quiz to find out who is your rock goddess twin!

Take The Quiz!

What word best describes you?



Hard Worker




1 / 5

What is your decision making method?

I do what is necessary


I experiment 


I follow my gut


2 / 5

What is your greatist strength?

My imagination


My determination


My leadership


3 / 5

What is your favorite article of clothing?

My leather (or pleather) jacket


My LBD (little black dress)


Something unique


4 / 5

Who are your people?

Outsiders and misfits


Fun loving and energetic


Strong and reserved


5 / 5

You're a Joan Jett

You're the coolest person in the room.

You exude authority and confidence. You have a DIY spirit and a disdain for conformity. You're a charismatic leader and an inspiration to anyone that feels like an outsider or a misfit.

You're a Tina Turner

Grit is your middle name!

You're strong - like really strong. Hard work and determination are your M.O. Every time you get knocked down, you dust yourself off and get right back up. Giving up is not an option. You're a survivor.

You're a Madonna

You're a pioneer!

You're always growing and evolving. You're smart and unconventional and love to experiment with new things. Boundaries? There are none as far as you're concerned. You aren't afraid to take risks so, you bust right through those so called "boundaries". Anything is possible with you.