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Which interior design style suits you??

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Quiz Questions

Quiz Outcomes

  • 1.
    0 to 4 points:
    Comfortable Modernist
    You love clean, low-profile modern shapes but also like to jazz them up with a dose of fun. You gravitate towards color, pattern and playful details grounded with classic shapes. You want your home to feel light and easy.
  • 2.
    5 to 7 points:
    Modern and contemporary 
    You love modern interior design style comprises clear shapes and lines, a cool colour palette and high-quality materials like steel, glass, concrete and metal.
  • 3.
    8 to 8 points:
    Artfully Bold
    You have always admired spaces that take risks but you know that being bold and adventurous requires balance. You want considered pieces that make the right statements and are committed to making design gestures that withstand the test of time. It's important to work with a designer who is confident in their direction, careful in their choices, and committed to expressing your best design self.
  • 4.
    9 to 11 points:
    Clean and Considered
    You want every item in your home to matter and aren't interested in over-decorating. An arbiter of classic taste, you appreciate clean lines and love the crisp look of tailored upholstery. You're drawn to forms and materials that withstand the test of time and become more beautiful with age. It's important that you work with a designer who understands your considered approach to decorating and who shares your appreciate for clean forms.
  • 5.
    12 to 14 points:
    Happy Modern
    You love good bones and interesting details like molding or pattern. You gravitate towards a soothing palette — softer colors, darks or neutrals — but you also love a good metallic accent. You don't mind ornate shapes or extra frills and you have a sense of history about your decor.
  • 6.
    15 to 16 points:
    Result 6