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What's your perfect Saturday night? 

Go dancing with your friends


A Blind Date


A Board Game Night


A Folk Music Festival


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If you were an animal, which one would you be?

A Fuzzy Sheep


A Black Eagle


A Reindeer


A Blue Jay


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Where would you rather live?



The Swiss Alps


The Arctic




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4. What is your favorite season?









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What’s your favorite drink?







Caesar Cocktail


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If you could travel in time, when and where would you go?

In Mongolia around 200 AD


In Paris in 1859


On the Lawson Site around 1500


In Wittemberg in 1517


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What’s your dream job?

World-renowned DJ


Santa Klaus


Hip-Hop Dancer


Travel Agent


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You're a Tinkling Cone!

Attached to clothing, Brass and copper sheets rolled into cone would have produced metallic jingling sounds accompanying the bearer’s movements. The arrival of Europeans by the end of the 1500s AD, carrying with them metal objects such as kettles, provided Indigenous artisans with a new source of copper. Moreover, when Europeans started to manufacture objects meant as exchange materials or alliance gifts with First Nations, they included tinkle cones into that production.

Connected to dancing and movement the Tinkling cone has a shining personality that draw attention, just like you!

You're a Mouth Harp!

Mouth harps were introduced to Ontario by European settlers. They are present on sites occupied by both Euro-Canadians and Indigenous people. Pocket-size, sturdy and cheap, the mouth harp was a very common instrument, which explains its predominance among archaeological musical specimens.

Like the Mouth Harp, you have an adaptable personality that allows you to fit in all sort of groups!

You're a Glass Violin Bottle!

Fiddle-shaped bottles are well known by antique collectors who call them
viobots. Several manufacturers made violin or banjo shaped glass bottles during
the 19th and 20th centuries. Few things are known about these bottles, except that they may have contained alcohol or perfume.

Mysterious and delicate like the violin bottle, you're drawn to the aesthetics components of life!

You're a Sam the Record Man Bag!

This Sam the Recordman™ bag was uncovered during excavations in downtown Toronto. Sam the Record Man was once Canada's largest music recording retailer. But between its opening in 1959 and with the closing of the flagship store on Yonge Street in 2007, remnants such as this, discarded on the streets of Toronto, now tell a story about our province’s musical history.

Like this bag, your soul is inhabited by Music and only Music... and maybe also a really deep Canadianness!

You're a Sleigh Bell!

Attached to a horse harness, they have warned of the presence of a sleigh or carriage. They were used to warn of danger and are still mandatory in some states such as Ontario. In people minds, they are deeply connected to Christmas and the Winter Holiday Season.

Like the Sleigh Bell, you are protective with those closed to you. People also say about you that you are definitely a winter person!

You're a Cowbell!

Cowbells have also been used on cattle and sheep to scare off predators with their sounds and to alert their keepers to their whereabouts. They have been found be archaeologists all around the world, from Antiquity to the latest history.

Like the cowbell you have a free spirit and you are fueled by adventures!

You're a Bird Whistle!

This bird whistle is believed to have been a child’s toy. It was unearthed during the excavations of Martin Luther’s parents’ house in Germany. It may have been partially filled with water and blown into to produce a sound like a bird’s warble.

Like this whistle, you definitely have kept alive your inner child! Playful and fun, everyone knows to call one you for have a great time!