Which personality type are you missing from your team?

Every team needs 5 types of personalities to succeed, which one are you missing?

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When working to a tight deadline, does your team...?

Just get things done


Panic and get stressed


Encourage each other


Find themselves unable to focus


Motivate each other


Find a solution


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How does your team handle challenges?

What challenges? We’re a well-oiled machine


We get easily side tracked


We come together to solve the problem


We plan everything start to finish


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What's your team's best skill?

We always see the bigger picture


We're good at self-management


We're easily inspired with new ideas


We're autonomous


We have good people skills


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If you could change one thing about your team, what would it be?

We often go round in circles


We always want to be involved


We like to find problems


We have to be in control


We need firm direction


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The Visionary

This is probably the type that most managers or leaders fall into.

The strongest skill of a Visionary is that they are able to take a project from the start to the finish, and able to resolve problems along the way.

They are able to see the bigger picture and this is crucial when it comes to bringing together different departments or roles for the same project.

Visionaries can also be mentors and are able to use their skills to motivate and encourage people to meet deadlines and realize their true potential.

In short: you need a Visionary

The Worker

Every team needs people that can just get stuff done. It's not glamorous but it's essential to getting projects finished on time.

Workers are good at managing their own time but often need telling what tasks need doing over a period of time to give them direction.

Clear and unambiguous instructions are a great way of getting the most out of Worker types and they are unlikely to clash with others on the team.

In short: you need a Worker

The Innovator

Innovators are incredibly valuable to a team but need the right management to make sure they aren't creating chaos on a project.

They are fantastic at coming up with new ideas and different ways of doing things and can bring a breath of fresh air to any team.

However, they should work closely with the Visionary to ensure any suggestions aren't throwing off the bigger project.

In short: you need an Innovator

The Communicator

The Communicator has incredibly strong people skills and can use this to effectively interact with clients, as well as other team members.

Introducing tools like Slack can really help empower the Communicator and ensure that their skills are being utilized in the best way.

They are often the heart of the team and want to make sure everyone is up to date with what's going on in the project.

In short: you need a Communicator

The Analyst

Analysts should work closely with the Innovators to find new and more effective methods for the team to operate.

They are able to see problems, which means they also work well with the Visionary to ensure any potential pitfalls are avoided.

The Analyst has strong problem-solving skills and should have the autonomy to make decisions in the team.

In short: you need an Analyst