Which Terpene Are You?

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You're a breath of fresh air, with a calming demeanor. One of your favourite activities is getting out into nature and getting your body moving. While Pinene is one of the most common terpenes, there's nothing basic about you.


Your idea of a good time is getting your hands dirty in the garden. You're an earth mama with a sultry side that drives people wild. At the same time, you're a bt of a homebody who likes to stay in and chill on the couch.


You cannot rest until your space is clean and organized. You like things to be in their place and put away. Your home is so clean you can eat off the floor - but you'd never because, gross.


You are the go to cheerleader in your squad. You always know how to hype up your friends and can be counted on to ease everyone's anxiety in new and unfamiliar situations. Calm and collected but also kind of a fire cracker when you let loose.


You are someone who exudes sex appeal without even trying. However, you're not just a pretty face, your easy confidence and quick wit make you enjoyable to be around too.