Bonjour Lisbonne’s Journey to Unparalleled Lead Generation with Quizzes

Capturing leads is crucial to growing a successful online business. In this case study, we explore how Thibaut, the owner of Bonjour Lisbonne – a website for French-speaking tourists visiting Lisbon, leveraged the power of Interact quizzes to skyrocket his lead generation and transform his business. 

Thibaut created quizzes that provided visitors with a free PDF guide to Lisbon while collecting their email addresses. Read on to discover how this led to high conversion rates and unprecedented business growth for Bonjour Lisbonne, Bonjour Porto, and beyond.

Tell me about your quiz and what purpose it serves in your business?

I am using my Interact quiz to generate as many leads (email addresses) as I can get from my readers planning to visit Lisbon.

To manage this, I am using the quiz as a welcome pop-up on my website–with a delay of eight seconds. I also decided to turn off the cover page so that my readers are already “in” the quiz and in front of the first question waiting for an answer.

This is what my viewers see after eight seconds of entering my website: 

I made my questions oriented to the goal of offering them a free PDF to help them visit Lisbon.

What led you to implement a quiz for your business? What problem was it solving for your business?

I have always experienced that the more leads you have, the more income you make. So I have already tried many ideas and software to get as many leads as possible from the traffic I have on my website.

Before experimenting with a quiz, I used a “normal” welcome pop-up and an exit pop-up from other companies–the results were not as good as a quiz pop-up.

In fact, it makes sense because people love quizzes, and the conversion with a quiz is much higher than a standard pop-up asking for an email address. I have a 3.1% conversion rate from people seeing the quiz, and I managed to collect 40,118 emails since I created my quiz!

Here’s a look at what my results look like: 

I never found something as effective as a quiz for lead conversion!

How was your experience integrating the quiz on your website, and did you find any strategy that led to better results?

Sometimes the pop-ups for lead generation need to display better, especially on mobile devices, but this was not the case with the quizzes of Interact. Creating my quiz and integrating it into my website was very easy. 

I did some tests and tried to make the quiz as simple as possible and fast to finish with only two or three questions. My results were the best using this strategy.

How has your business evolved since your quiz?

With so many leads, my business’s results skyrocketed, which was a total game changer for my business. A few months later, after seeing such results on my website, I decided to use the same strategy for (this is the same concept, but to visit the city of Porto in this case) and see if the same success would happen.

I used a second quiz as a welcome pop-up, and the results were very similar (even better!). I have a conversion rate of 4.1%, and I have collected 36,766 emails since I started the quiz.

This high number of leads allowed me to hire more people and grow my business faster.

I added, of course, a quiz as a welcome pop-up on my third website (this time focused on the city of Rome), with the same success and conversion level (4.1% !)

And I decided to try a new quiz to get even more leads. For instance, I am displaying a quiz (cover disabled) between the title and the introduction of my most famous articles, like this one about the different pass to visit Rome.

The conversion here is much lower (0.5% of conversion), but 100% of my readers are actually seeing this quiz. 4,371 leads were collected with this quiz, a very nice number in addition to the leads from the welcome pop up 🙂 

Of course, I will try some new quizzes and keep testing, but I am already thrilled with my numbers, thanks to the quizzes.

How would you describe what Interact has done for your business?

As I said before, starting to display quizzes on my websites was a game changer. I had never experienced such a high level of conversion of my traffic, and my number of leads and income skyrocketed. I can’t recommend it enough for anyone collecting leads from their websites and trying to grow their business.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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