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The web is an unnatural because most communication is one-way. Whether your content is in the form of written word, video, infographic, or podcast, the common theme is that an influencer shares their knowledge with the world with very little room for communication. Commenting systems and surveys have tried to recreate the feeling that’s present in real-world one-on-one conversation, but lack the engagement of a chat. While there’s no true replica of conversational content on the web, here are a few examples that help your website feel a bit more like it’s capable of speaking.

  • The Re-Invented “How-To” Post: The “How-To” post has long been a staple in the arsenal of content producers. It’s listed in copyblogger’s How to Write Magnetic Headlines post as one of the top ways to create viral content. However, it’s now common knowledge that this type of post works well, and the market is saturated with How-To’s for every subject. To make your How-To post more engaging and conversational, turn it into a quiz. First, ask visitors questions on how much they know about a subject. For example “Does Your Brand Have Personality?” Depending on the readers’ level of skill, customize the results of the quiz to point them to articles that can help them grow from their current position. Now instead of writing a post about how to create a brand that has personality that’s too simple for some and too complicated for others, you can wrap multiple posts into one and target your content to the reader’s knowledge level.


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  • The “How Can You Improve?” Quiz: This interactive content guides readers to specific niches of your site based on need. For example, create a quiz titled “Test Your Online Marketing Skill.” Depending on the results, point the reader to specific areas of your site that match their deficiencies. Your quiz takers will feel a connection to the result and be interested in learning more about how to improve their ‘problem’ areas.


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  • The Personality Quiz: A light-hearted approach to content marketing, the personality quiz is a way to ask your readers personal questions without making them fill out a survey or contact you. As content, the personality quiz also drives conversation as people share their personality type with the world through social and their own sites. A unique approach to the personality quiz is to apply it to real-life situations. For example “What’s Your Spending Personality?” is a quiz that can help your readers become more self-aware and thus more confident in their style.


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Talking to your website visitors will never be perfect, but with a little help, your site can become much more interactive and engaging. The most standard mediums of content production that exist today are too restricting and don’t allow for conversation. Sprinkle in a few quizzes here and there to really talk to your visitors.

If you’re interested in creating a few quizzes for your site, contact us and we’ll get you set up for free!

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