How to Embed Quizzes in Your WordPress Site

Find out how to correctly embed your quiz in your Wordpress site now!

Make Your Quiz for Wordpress Now

Here are the text instructions.

Step 1: Go to your Interact dashboard ( and click the “publish” button on the quiz you want to embed in WordPress.


Step 2: In the publish screen, click the “WordPress” option and then click the link to the plugin page that appears



Step 3: On the Interact Quiz Embed wordpress plugin page, click the download button to download the zip file of our plugin



Step 4: Upload the file you just downloaded from our WordPress page



Step 5: Navigate to the Interact plugin from the “settings” section of your WordPress dashboard


Step 5.5: Navigate back to your Interact dashboard ( and click the “direct URL” option, then copy the part of the URL that follows quiz/


Step 6: In the Interact plugin page of your WordPress dashboard, paste in the code from step 5.5 into the text field the arrow is pointing to below. Then copy the part that says “Your shortcode:”


Step 7: Make a new post or page and switch the view to “text” then paste in your shortcode from step 6


Step 8: Publish your page or post and the quiz is live! You can track all the analytics from your Interact dashboard.


Make Your Quiz for Wordpress Now

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