How to Find Customer Sentiment Using AI(ChatGPT)

Customer research is beneficial for helping business owners make informed decisions. You can use it to collect behavioral data and understand how your customers feel about your brand. In this article, you’ll discover how to find customer sentiment with AI(ChatGPT). 

Let’s dive into what customer sentiment is and how you can use ChatGPT to leverage it in your business!

What Is Customer Sentiment Analysis?

Customer Sentiment Analysis is when business owners analyze feedback and determine whether customers have positive, negative, or neutral feelings about their brand. They identify patterns in language for positive, negative, or neutral feelings. 

The best time to consider running customer sentiment analysis is after you launch a product, program, or marketing campaign. You’ll better understand launch performance and performance over time. You can use customer sentiment analysis in a variety of ways.

On the surface, you can use customer sentiment to understand your audience better based on specific characteristics. You’ll see the big picture of your marketing efforts and how your audience perceives your messaging. 

You’ll learn the consumer perspective of your business, and you can improve your offerings and ultimately increase your profit.

How to Find Customer Sentiment with AI(ChatGPT)

screenshot of sentiment analysis

Feedback sentiment is influenced by how it is phrased and interpreted as positive or negative, depending on the tone of voice or punctuation. Therefore, customer sentiment analysis requires the original text of feedback. 

For example, consider using customer reviews, email responses, survey responses, and Zoom call transcripts. You can use any text that you can copy and paste exactly how it was said.

Furthermore, you can take anything a customer says and derive sentiment from it using AI(ChatGPT). Below are two different prompts to use in ChatGPT for customer sentiment analysis.

Prompt: Tell me whether the following sentence’s sentiment is positive, negative, or something in between: [insert customer response here].

Prompt: Here are customer reviews for my business: [insert reviews] Tell me if the overall sentiment is positive, negative, or something in between.

Make a Business Decision with Customer Sentiment Analysis

Once you have your customer sentiment analysis, the next step is to make business decisions using your findings. This can be done manually or with AI(ChatGPT).

Prompt: Based on your customer sentiment analysis, what business decisions can I make?

screenshot of ChatGPT finding customer sentiment

Now, you don’t want AI to make business decisions for you. Only use it to gain insight and organize your customer data so you can make informed decisions.

Looking Forward 

Take your customer research further and determine customer sentiment toward your brand. Customer sentiment is how your customers feel about your brand overall, which is essential in understanding how you can improve your offerings—and ultimately profit. 

Gather customer feedback in its original jargon through channels like customer reviews, emails, survey responses, and Zoom call transcripts—anywhere you can copy the text. 

Then, paste the text into AI(ChatGPT) and use the tool to identify customer sentiment from your data. Lastly, use your findings to make informed business decisions.

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