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I came across an excellent use of a quiz on Instagram and just had to share the method for anyone who is looking at expanding their business on the social network. The example is from Mackenzie Fox, who is a marketing consultant for interior designers, you can check out her quiz here.

Okay, let’s dive into how this quiz is set up to drive leads from Instagram

It starts off on Instagram, where there is a link in the bio (link in bio) for the quiz itself. This link will open in the native Instagram browser so you’ll be able to take the quiz in a very native and smooth experience.



Once you click on the link to take the quiz, you’ll be able to immediately start taking the quiz. One special note when considering an Instagram quiz is to keep in mind that everyone will be taking this on their phones, so your intro to the quiz should be short enough to where everything fits on one screen. If you’re using Interact quiz builder that means less then 400 characters for the short description of the quiz and you’ll most likely want to disable the cover photo so the “Take Quiz” button always appears above the scroll-point on people’s phones.



After people click “Take Quiz” and begin answering the questions, they’ll be presented with a series of questions to answer in order to find out their personality. If you’re creating a quiz specifically for Instagram you’ll want to keep these questions pretty light and fun, as if you were speaking to a friend. Also limit your questions to less than 7 because otherwise you’re bound to lose people who go back to scrolling through Instagram instead of completing your quiz and opting-in to your list!

You’ll also notice that the answer choices are stacked one on top of the other, which is perfect for phone screens where most of the available space is vertical. What that means is you’ll want to keep your answer choices limited to less than 5 choices per question so they’ll all fit on the screen.



Once someone answers all the questions of your quiz, they’ll be presented with an email opt-in form to get on your list. There are a few ways to make this an effective opt-in and achieve the 50% opt-in rate that quizzes are famous for. The first way is to make sure you wrote good questions that make the quiz taker feel comfortable opting-in to your list. Go back to your questions and check them for tone, they should read very naturally, like real questions you’d ask someone.

The second way to make sure you get the most opt-ins for your list is to make sure you write the copy on the opt-in form well. To write good copy on this form, make sure people know they’ll get to see their results right away and also tell your quiz takers that you’ll be sending them personalized follow-up advice based on their quiz personality (which you will do).



Once someone opts in to your quiz (which is awesome), they will be shown their personality right on the screen, in real time. This is crucial because in this world of instant gratification, and especially on a place like Instagram, no one wants to wait for their results.

The results of the quiz are my favorite part because you get to make everyone feel good about themselves – and that’s intentional. See it turns out that if you tell people they are great they’ll be more likely to share their results onto social media than if you tell them they need work (which makes total sense if you think about it).

In order to make sure everyone is feeling peachy when they see their results you just have to follow one simple rule. Focus on the good, avoid the bad. So when you think about the personality you are assigning someone, and are writing the description for it, make sure you highlight all the good things about that personality and leave out any negative aspects. Then like magic, you’ve got positivity everywhere!



So there it is…if you’re looking for a way to utilize the one link that Instagram allows you on your profile and start actually driving business from Instagram, a quiz is an amazing place to start. Quizzes are already naturally popular on social media, and tying one in so it generates leads for your business is the perfect way to use that popularity to your advantage.

If you’d like to make your own Instagram quiz, you can use Interact Quiz Builder ┬áto create one in just a few minutes.

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