12 Web Design Quizzes to Inspire You

Admit it. You enjoy taking quizzes.

No judgment here. I’m a huge fan of quizzes and you’ll often find me taking one in my free time. Who doesn’t enjoy learning more about themselves or seeing how much they know about a particular topic?

But quizzes aren’t just all fun and games. They can provide real value to you as a web designer. If you’ve been looking for a way to generate new business, quizzes are the answer!

Consider these situations. Do any of them apply to you?

 Struggling to get people to sign up to your newsletter? Try a quiz!

Quizzes average a 50% conversation rate for lead generation which means that half of the people who start taking your quiz will opt-in to your newsletter. That’s a huge boost in numbers!

Having trouble getting people to focus on your content? Try a quiz!

People spend an average of 2 minutes taking a quiz, which can seriously increase the amount of time people spend on your website.

Want a fun way to introduce people to your website and what you’re all about? Try a quiz!

Quizzes can be a great way to welcome visitors and get them on the right track immediately.

Want to improve your customer service? Try a quiz!

Getting feedback from your clients is invaluable to your business.

Tips for Writing a Quiz

Now that you see how much a quiz can really do for you, here are some tips to help you write the best quiz for your web design business.

  1. Find a topic idea. Think about your favorite clients. What do they most want to know about? What content brings readers to your website already? What questions do you already use to qualify your leads?
  2. Start with the results first. What outcomes do you want to lead your readers to?
  3. Write 5-10 quiz questions. You want to keep your quiz short enough to hold your reader’s interest. Use this Quiz Content Worksheet to stay organized.
  4. Find interesting and relevant photos. The best quizzes involve stimulating visuals to go with your words. Everyone loves a pretty picture.
  5. Build your quiz! Check out this short 6-Part Course on How to Launch Your First Quiz to get started. You’ll be up and running quickly with expert advice.
  6. Connect your quiz results to your newsletter. Get interested readers onto your newsletter and offer them more valuable content made especially for them.
  7. Embed your quiz onto your website. You can embed your quiz directly on your website to help keep your readers on your site longer. Let people know you have a quiz! Don’t hide it. Encourage people to try it out.
  8. Fine tune your quiz over time. Use the analytics and statistics to find questions your readers may find confusing. Check to see if you’re getting unexpected results. Make your quiz better as you get more results.

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Web Design Quiz Inspiration

Need some inspiration to get started? Here are a variety of web design quizzes to get your creativity flowing.


First up, let’s look at quizzes in the branding category. If you ask your clients about their brands before designing a website for them, this might be the perfect type of quiz for your business.

What is your innate brand advantage?

Quiz cover for What is your innate brand advantage with a computer screen with brand types

What is your innate brand advantage? asks you 16 questions to help you discover your unique strengths and psychological triggers to attract more of your ideal clients. This quiz asks you about your brand’s strengths, values, weaknesses, and fears and lets you choose from images that feel like your brand.

Once you complete the test, you can see your top brand archetypes, and get advice on how to live your brand.

Which Brand Season Personality are you?

quiz cover with a woman working on a vision board on the wall

Which Brand Season Personality are you? helps you to build your brand intentionally. This quiz asks you questions about your business, your work style, and how you interact with others.

In return, you’ll learn more about your brand personality and season. If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get a Starter Kit that includes a color palette, moodboard, fonts, and textures!

Website Audit

Branding quizzes are a lot of fun to take, but if you’re a web designer who doesn’t specialize in branding, you may want to take a look at other types of quizzes. A website audit quiz is a great way to take the questions you’re already asking clients, and organize them into a fun quiz that can help lead them to your services.

Is your website easy to use?

quiz cover with icons and Is Your Website Easy to Use

Is your website easy to use? helps you to find out how well your website performs and how you can improve it. This quiz asks you questions about your web design and website features. It tests to see if you have important features like a home link in your navigation, a simple-to-understand homepage, call-to-action buttons and more.

Once you complete the quiz, you can enter your name and email to instantly see how user-friendly your website really is. Plus, you’ll gain a bonus checklist to help you improve your website!

How good is your homepage?

quiz cover with how good is your website and an icon of a computer with a question mark

How good is your homepage? stands out as a much longer 20-question quiz that tells people “their websites suck“. This quiz asks you very detailed questions about how you’ve designed your homepage taking you from the header all the way down to the footer. It asks you about your navigation, call-to-action buttons, what type of content you display, and much more.

After completing all of the questions, you’ll see how good your homepage really is. You can then sign up with your email address to see the recommended quiz answers and get advanced homepage design tips.

Website Platforms and Templates

Are you a web designer that specializes in one website platform? Maybe you’re really into WordPress, Squarespace, or Shopify? Or maybe you work on multiple platforms. If you want to help your clients choose the platform that will best work for their needs, consider creating a web design platform or template quiz.

What platform should you use for your website?

quiz cover with computer monitor on desk and What platform should you use for your website

What platform should you use for your website? takes you through 7 questions to help guide your decision-making and provide a platform recommendation. It asks you questions about the primary goal of your website, your technical skills, budget, and more.

In return, you find out the best platform for your website (like WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace), and tips for making the experience go smoothly.

The Best Squarespace Template For Your Business

Quiz cover with a pink background and plate

The Best Squarespace Template For Your Business is specifically about Squarespace and helps you to choose from many different templates. This quiz asks you questions about what you want people to do when they visit your website, whether you need a sidebar, and more.

The results will tell you which template family you should choose! You’ll find out what features this template family has and get a list of different templates within that family. You can also provide your name and email to get a freebie that helps you to optimize your homepage.

DIY or Hire a Designer

Want to help lead your readers to hiring you? Qualify your leads up front with a quiz to help them decide if they should DIY or hire a designer.

Should I DIY My Website or Hire a Web Designer?

Quiz cover with a woman's hands working on a keyboard and a plant on a white table

Should I DIY My Website or Hire a Web Designer? talks directly to those who have decided they want a website, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. This quiz asks about your technical skills, problem-solving ability, required website features, and deadline.

Once you finish answering the questions, you exchange your email address for the results that can help you DIY your website or learn more about hiring a designer.

Should you DIY or hire a designer?

quiz cover and open laptop and rotary phone and smart phone and flowers

Should you DIY or hire a designer? is another excellent quiz that helps your clients to decide if they should DIY their website or hire a web designer, web developer, or online marketing consultant. In this quiz, you answer questions about your experience with websites, if you enjoy challenges, your budget, and your target audience.

After completing the quiz, you’ll get advice on whether or not you should DIY your website. Each result is paired with a call-to-action so that you can get help with DIYing or learn more about the services offered.

Business Advice

If you’re a web designer that also offers strategy planning sessions, the business advice category may be a good choice for your quiz. Here are some examples!

What’s the best way for YOU to level up your business?

quiz cover with woman working on a laptop and What's the best way for YOU to level up your business

What’s the best way for YOU to level up your business? is a quiz about helping your business grow no matter what stage your business is in. You’re asked about your biggest struggle, spending money, onboarding new clients, and more.

In return for completing the quiz, you’ll get access to a description about the business stage you’re in, what you should be focusing on next, and resources that can help you get set up now.

What’s your next step in business?

quiz cover with pink background and What's your next step in business

What’s your next step in business? is a quiz to help you find out what you should be working on next in your business. This quiz asks you questions about your website, content strategy, goals, income, and more.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll find out what the next step is for your business. For example, maybe it’s time to build a website. The results are paired with a call-to-action to lead you to handy resources.

Copywriting and Marketing

Do you offer copywriting or marketing services with your web design? If so, consider creating a quiz that can help your clients to discover their online voice or get help with their digital marketing.

What’s your online voice vibe?

grey quiz cover with what's your online voice vibe

What’s your online voice vibe? is a beautifully-designed quiz that helps you to find out what your personality says about your brand’s voice. You’re asked a series of 11 questions that cover topics like how you spend your time, favorite TV shows, superpowers, and your work philosophy.

Once you’re finished with the quiz, you can provide your email address to be directed to the results page. Not only will you get a description of your online voice, you’ll learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and get some excellent advice and resources.

What’s Missing From Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

quiz cover with three women working on a laptop and What's missing from your digital marketing strategy

What’s Missing From Your Digital Marketing Strategy? asks you 7 questions to help you understand how to improve your marketing strategy. You’re asked questions about your email subscribers, blog and social media publishing routine, and more.

In return for answering the questions, you’ll see what’s missing from your strategy and get the detailed help you need to improve.

Create Your Quiz Today

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Now that you have the tips and inspiration to create the best quiz for your web design business, you can create your quiz from scratch or use these handy templates to help you get started:

Once you’ve created your quiz, don’t forget to promote it on your website and post it on social media. And leave a comment here so I can see it too!

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What is the best quiz for you business?

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