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How would you show your love?

Send a cute note 


Go into town and get stuff done


Plant a tree


@home tattoo


Make them a treat


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How would you treat a friend?

Beg to know about them and things they do


Give them support and stay by their side


Have one foot in and the other out cause who knows if they are a true friend


Let them do your bidding because your'e too busy


With respect but know you may be better


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You handle conflict by...

Getting out of there fast


Making a revenge plan


Trying to fix the problem 


Changing to the side that's gonna win


Confronting the issue on your terms


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You're giving a speech and...

you use props and hand gestures.


you use the comical route cause pathos, duh.


you "meet" all the requirements on the rubric


you ask your friends to laugh every time you say something "funny"


you say tons of things but whats this all really for?


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When you're jealous you...

get a new piercing


deny all jealousy


do what feels right


make a plan to solve said jealousy


tell everyone the issue so they can make you feel better


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Choose an image that speaks to you


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You just lost a game of cards, you...

walk away and never return


beg for a rematch 


explain why you should have won


change the rules


accept your loss


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How do you celebrate holidays

with ALLLLL my friends


alone, by myself, with snacks


with my close friends and family


presents, for every holiday


decorate the house, door, yard even change my insta name to spooky


8 / 8

Beware the Ides of March

Being the Caesar-ly person you are, you probably have many people who love you but be careful of those who don't! Guess they just hate ya cause they ain't ya. You have potential and ambition but don't let it go to your head because people may try to harm you. Don't be greedy!

Et tu?! ... Brute

Well then, looks like your'e a little wishy washy. How can you be so easily swayed? Next time try to stand your ground, and think about your actions before you act. And maybe check on people who do the most for ya!

Ahhhh Old reliable Antony

Your'e the kind of person who stays by someone through it all. People down play you but dont let them steak your thunder becaus ewhen you have something to say, you can. No matter the obstacles. Use your way with words to inspire people.

Poor Portia

Oof, your'e one nutty bat. Honestly sorry bud, you deserve better but like really? You needa chill. Learn some self control or find new people who don't make you so crazy. Your heart was in the right place but ya just missed it.

So you wanna be a conspirator, Cassius 

Looks like your'e a little more Man Behind the Curtain than you thought. You seems to have a way of getting what you want without doing ALL the work. Being a little controlling never hurt but watch yourself, you may take it to far.