Which "In the House of Souls" Character Are You?

Are you a curious inventor or a playful enchanted doll? Find out with this quiz!

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What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Something practical and easy to change if it gets dirty.


Something fancy and pretty!


Something elaborate that shows the world I mean business


Something mature and elegant, but not overdone


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What do you like to do at parties?

Watch everyone's interactions carefully


Enjoy the food




Dance the night away!


2 / 7

What is your favorite color?









3 / 7

Karaoke time! Do you sing:

A poppy song everyone knows


A balllad


A classic rock mainstay


An obscure deep track to introduce to others


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What's your pet peeve?

When you hit an obstacle on the way to your goals


When the people you're responsible for are misbehaving


When you aren't allowed to do what you want


When someone tries to learn your secrets


5 / 7

What word describes you best? (Or do you feel the strongest connection to?)









6 / 7

What is your favorite holiday?





Valentine's Day


New Year's


7 / 7

You are Hopper!

Curious, inventive, and always getting into trouble, you are always dreaming of newer and more amazing things. You never stop coming up with solutions to problems and are ahead of your time.

You're Emer!

Playful, fun-loving, and mysterious, you like breaking all the rules. You wear what you like, do what you like, and don't let anyone stop you from having a good time.

You're Lady Gradum!

Ambitious, capricious, and strong-willed, your moods may change like the wind, but your resolve never does. You do what needs getting done, even if others try to get in your way.

You're Cannersai Dannoch!

Determined, poised, and even-handed, you were born to lead and you do a great job of doing it - even if a meddlesome daughter and the fae try to get in your way. You make the affairs of state look easy, but you know being the Queen of your family never is.