Which character from The Odyssey are you?

Answer the following questions to see which character from Homer's epic poem most closely matches your personality.

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1. So... do you come here often?

"Are either of us really here now?"


"Sorry, I'm waiting for someone"


"I've been trying to come here for years, but something has always come up"


"Look, if you don't mind, I'm just minding my own business"


"Yes, though they've only recently started letting me in"


"I go where I like, with whoever I like. How about you buy me a drink?"


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2. Which of these would you've been most likely to reach for, as a child?

A magic set


A sword or a bow and arrow


A book


A sewing kit


A game of solitaire


Toy soldiers


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3. Which of these options best describes your ideal holiday?

Caving and potholing


I'm more of a staycation, person


A really long cruise


Backpacking across India and South Asia


A safari perhaps, or just somewhere surrounded by animals


I'm happy somewhere I can sit and watch the world play out


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4. Which of the following would you be most likely to go and see at the cinema?

The Wolf of Wall Street


Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Wonder Woman


The Notebook


Scott Pilgrim vs The World


Mad Max: Fury Road


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5. Which of these hobbies most appeals to you?

Dressing up and role play


Basic weaponry




Travel... a lot of travel


Looking after animals


Sewing... very slowly


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6. Which of these books are you most likely to be found reading?

Journey to the Centre of the Earth


The Crucible


Jane Eyre


The Catcher in the Rye


War and Peace


The Collector


6 / 9

7. What does your ideal evening involve?

A magic night in with someone special... so long as they play by my rules


Time left alone to think and reminisce


A thoughtful night at the theatre, assuming I get to choose what we see


An Escape Room challenge, maybe even a bit of time on the water


Team sport; so long as I'm able to join in rather than left watching


Time in the outdoors, before a cosy night in with plenty of food


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8. Which of these artists is most likely to be coming out of your headphones?





Kate Bush


The All Seeing I






8 / 9

9. What irritates you?

Men who won't take no for an answer


Delays and interruptions


People who help themselves to your food


Unexpected visitors


Being patronised


The stupidity of others


9 / 9


Your wisdom is divine. A clever and confident decision-maker you often use your brain power to help others, but not too much (you've been known to sit on sidelines watching your favourites fight out their battles). You generally prefer the company of those who are as clever as you are, though you have a soft spot for up and coming heroes.


Perhaps because of your young age you can often feel underestimated by others who try to intimidate you; and you lack the confidence to stand up for yourself and feel protective of those close to you. You're determined though and proactive in seeking the advice and experience you need to become a stronger person.


You're ambitious and resourceful in getting what you want. How resourceful? Well, how about 'concocting potions to turn people into animals' resourceful. But maybe you're also lonely, living alone in a mansion on an island, and misunderstood; who said all witches are bad?


Wily, adventurous and daring you have the sharp tools and thirst for glory to make a name for yourself in this world. Taking on sea monsters, evading enchantments, outwitting man-eating one-eyed monsters and challenging the gods you've proven yourself to be capable of getting out of tough situations, and a little (or very) hot headed. But with all the excitement the world has to offer, home is really where your heart is, and you'd go to great lengths just to be with your loved ones.


You follow social rules of hospitality and you don't appreciate people invading your personal space; especially when they turn up uninvited, eat your food and blind you in your sleep. Those who encroach on your territory will face the consequences but remember to keep your wits about you so 'no one' gets the better of you.


Twenty years of separation from a loved one isn't enough to damper your hope of ever seeing them, or to tempt you in to the arms of other eager suitors. Though your loyalty may give the impression you are meek, you are not one to be underestimated. You may not be one for confrontation but you are brave and skilled at weaving up other ways to ward off the pressures of others.