Where should I be getting my books as a Reader?

We have a favorite place to get our books, but that may not be the best place to pick up books based on our tastes. With this quiz, maybe you can find out where you should check to get the most of your reading.

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How popular do you like your reads to be?

Advertised all over the place


In certain little circles


Mysterious and forgotten


Off reads that no one knows exists


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Are you influenced by recommendations from others?

Of course! Wouldn't touch it without it.


Sometimes. But I ultimately like to make the decision on my own.


Never. People don't usually know good writing even if it was labelled for them!


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How often do you read?

Sporadically. If I hear about a good one from somewhere, I go and grab a copy.


All the time. Bookstores would run out of books for me by July.


Occassionally. I'm not reading everyday, but I do like to get in a few books a year if I can find the time.


Whenever I can sneak in the time. I carry my current read with me everywhere just in case.


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Do you like your books shiny and clean when you get them or do you mind a bit of wear and tear from survival over the years?

They gotta be hot off the press. 


Rough edges attest to their history.


A few nicks are okay but they can't be falling apart.


Unless I drop my device, I don't have to worry about that.


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Do you like talking to others about books?

I can't keep my mouth shut about them.


Not really. It usually just enjoy it on my own.


I talk about them, but that doesn't mean anyone's listening.


I do when I first read it, but then it usually passes when I find others.


I don't need to. People talk to me about it when they see how many I've horded.


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Do you trust books with few or no ratings and reviews?

Those are the fun ones, to find other original ideas.


Depends on if it sounds interesting enough.


It's probably some self-published writer and I'm not into wasting my money on that.


If it doesn't have an award attached to it, or a popular history, I'm usually not diggin' it.


6 / 10

Does price deter you from trying out a book?

Not really. If it's a good book, it's worth it.


Yeah. I got bills to pay and money don't grow on trees anymore. It's denim now!


I like to keep it cheap because I read so many.


7 / 10

Do new movies send you on a reading binge?

Absolutely! After seeing a good movie, I have to read everything related to it!


I avoid the pop-culture books that become movies.


Then and only then. My reading habits correlate with theater schedules!


I don't even hear about the movies until way after and I've probably already read the book anyway.


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Where do you like to read your new finds?

At the cafe with a nice, hot drink.


Outside where I can be in tune with myself and the world around me.


Curled up at home in a corner, where no one can find me.


At the back table where no one will notice me and I won't be disturbed.


While traveling because I'm typically doing that the most.


9 / 10

Do you imagine your dream library orderly and consistent or just as varied as a local library?

Leather-bound all around from collectors editions.


All over the place, but organized in its own way.


I want it nice and neat, but I'm not too picky.


I need it to be pretty. I'm talking color-coordinated!


10 / 10

Mainstream Bookstores

Bookstores, like Barnes & Noble, are the places to be if you're into new reads and best sellers. While they do have older books as well, they mostly keep the newest and hottest books on their shelves and on their online store. Not only will you find books though, you'll find knick-knacks, stationary, games, puzzles, toys and other things related to your favorite reads for any age.

Local Library

If you're reading more than you can afford, the library may be the place for you. It takes them awhile to get the newest books on their shelves, and you may not know when that is. You'll have to browse and see what you can find--which can be the fun part. In any case, the library is where you need to be if you read constantly but can't or aren't interested in developing that library that most of us dream about from Beauty and the Beast!

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are a fun place to pick up books because there is such a variety. Though you can find popular and new books there, you usually find off books that used to be amazing in their day or books "out of date" and beyond public eye. If you're interested in off-books and oldies but goodies, try browsing here to find them. What makes it even better is that you can build that library on the cheap with these second-hand copies.


Digital Libraries

Most digital libraries are filled with best sellers, indie reads, and classics. More than anything, when you want to read something new, and most likely unheard of, but you want to do it on the cheap, eReads are the best place. You don't need to have a room for all your books, and many of the good ones you find may not be in print anyway!