How Big of a Book Addict are You?

Do you love books as much as you think you do?

Find out

How often do you pick up a book?



Once every couple of months


Once a month


Once a week


Every day


1 / 12

How many books do you read at a time?

I don't read, so none


I prefer just one at a time






More than three


2 / 12

Do you ever fall asleep while reading?

No way!


Maybe a couple of times


All of the time


3 / 12

Which of these do you do while reading?



Talking with someone


Walking down the street




I just set aside time for reading


4 / 12

Which of these have you done while reading?









Thrown the book


I've never done any of these things


5 / 12

Do you judge people by their taste in and opinions on books?

No way!


Maybe once, they had a bad opinion


I have a few times




I do it all the time


6 / 12

Do you like the smell of new books?

Never smelled one


Not really


A few times


Who doesn't?


7 / 12

Your book ends on a cliffhanger, what do you do?



Immediately order the next one in the series


Shrug and move on


Lend the book to someone so you can discuss it


Find the closest person and rant to them


8 / 12

What do you read?

I don't like reading


Books for school


Some fiction


Most genres




9 / 12

How many books are in your to-read pile?

I don't have a pile




Two or three


Four or more


I can't even count!


10 / 12

Do you ever wish you could meet a book character in real life?

No, that's weird




Sure, that'd be cool!


Of course, I daydream about it all the time


11 / 12

How much time do you spend on reading every day?

A few minutes, less than half an hour


30 minutes to an hour


Two to three hours


I read all day


12 / 12

You Don't Really Like Books

No offense, but why are you here? Just kidding, we understand. Sometimes it's hard to find enough time to read or books that you enjoy. Maybe try expanding your book selection and get back into a good one!

You Sort of Like Books

You don't enjoy reading that much, but you're partial to it. Sometimes you'll read for school or a book here or there for fun.

You Like Books

There are certain books that you like, but you aren't open to all of them. Reading isn't a main interest of yours, but you'll pick up a book every once in a while and enjoy it.

You Love Books

You read very often and enjoy all kinds of genres. You often talk and think about book and book characters. Reading is a main interest of yours.

You are Obsessed With Books

You read whenever you can, even if that means you are being rude. All you think and talk about are books, even to the point of creepiness. Some of your favorite people are book characters.