Take the brand test to see if your brand is memorable and your message is clear.

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Does your logo or tagline say what you do?





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Can you explain what you do to someone in less than 20 words?





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Within 5 seconds of looking at your website homepage is it clear what service/product you provide or offer?





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Is there a direct call to action above the fold of your website?





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Are you consistent with your marketing and using the same logo on everything your customers see. 





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You scored a 0

Wake Up Now!

Your Brand is asleep at the wheel! You need to wake your brand up now before it's too late. Crank up the volume, open the windows and get back on track.

You scored a 2

Go back to bed!

Your Brand hasn't seen the sun in a very long time. You might as well be dreaming, since no one knows you exist in the real world.

You scored a 3

Late to the party but you brought snacks.

Ok, so you don't have it all pulled together, but you're trying. You have the basics, but let's try harder to make a good impression and be on time, have good snacks, a good story, your shoes tied and everyone will remember your name.

You scored a 4

Those boots look good on you.

Oh yeah, you are lookin' good, feeling confident. Got the whole world looking right at you. What's holding you back? What?!? You don't know how to dance? We can help show you a few moves that will keep you dancing all night long.

You scored a 5

Cheers to you!

Everything seems to be in order, you're ready to hit the ground running and not look back. The future is up to you, let's make it your brand soar even higher!