How Personable is Your Brand Online?

Find out where you rank when it comes to digital marketing.

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Right now your brand...

Has defined it's customer persona. You know their interests, what age group they're in, their dislikes and when they are likely to make a purchase.


Is still doing customer research. You haven't nailed it yet but you feel you are getting there.


Hasn't really thought about defining a customer persona. What's a customer persona? 


1 / 6

Your brand on social media platforms is...

Kinda active. Maybe one post a month or after a few days or so


Very active. You even have a content calendar and your social media posts are always scheduled for publishing to save time.




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When you post online people...

Don't interact with your posts. It's like you are invisible.


Like some of your posts and maybe comment on a few of them but that's it and you would like a little bit more interaction.


Immediately comment, like and share your content. 


We don't post so this doesn't  apply to us.


3 / 6

When you promote your product/ service online...

Your sales fluctuate. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.


You get zero sales. You feel it's a waste of time.


You don't do any online promotions


Your sales are consistent


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When someone browses through your social media pages, what kind of posts will they see?

Posts with links to your website. No intro, no pictures, no description. 


Posts about your products or service only. 


A mix of humorous posts, educative posts, posts linking back to your website and posts about your service/ product. The message is always consistent.


Random stuff. 


We don't post.


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Right now you would like to see

Monitor what people are saying about your brand


More interaction with your posts in order to create brand awareness


An increase in sales


What your competitors are doing to win over their customers


All the above


6 / 6

You scored a 0

Welp! You're not doing so well.

Your brand's online personality needs a lot of work, but that's okay! Not many brands are personable online!

Quick Tip

You might be reluctant to improve your online presence because you don't see how it can positively impact your business. Your biggest concern could be your customers are not on social media but there are different ways that you can use social media to your advantage.

You scored a 7

Good News! You're Getting There.

You're still trying to figure everything out. You're just throwing everything at the wall and hoping that something eventually sticks.

Quick Tip...

Without a proper strategy, you will waste not only a lot of money but also a lot of time while your competitors continue to snag all your customers. As you weave through the complexities of social media, you'll stumble upon many challenges; most of which are not that hard to tackle.

You scored a 14

Cool! You're Doing Well.

You're social media smart!

Quick Tip

You've done pretty well making your brand personable online. However, one of the challenges that come with success on social media is the temptation to get comfortable since things are going so well. There is always opportunities for optimization and room for growth.