How Strong Are Your Soft Skills?

Test your soft skills to determine which traits you have mastered and which ones you need to practice! 

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Your boss has just put you in charge of a company-wide project. How do you react?

Ask if you can work with another employee 


Begin a game plan to share with your boss and team before diving deep into the project 


Ask if your boss can coach you through the process 


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You are asked to plan a "fun" department event. How do you begin?

Collaborate! Ask your colleagues for some ideas 


Start Googling for ideas!


Wing -it! You know the best spots in town anyway


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Your boss has mentioned a large project that you feel you could successfully assist with. What do you do?

Wait for your boss to ask. If he or she wanted you on the project they will ask


Drop little hints about your interest in the project to your boss in order to avoid being too pushy 


In a one-on-one meeting, address your interest in the project and that you would like to be considered to assist in the efforts 


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You're working with another department on a project that is very important to the company's executive team. But, your partner has not been pulling their weight. What do you do?

Talk to your boss about your problem and let him or her address it 


Tell your partner that you will finish the project


Have a meeting with your partner to discuss your concerns and to establish a timeline as to when certain items need to be completed 


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All your hard work has paid off! You have just been promoted! One of the employees you manage has been late to work and turning in projects late. What do you do?

Request a meeting with your employee to discuss how you can help him or her and come up with how they can improve their performance 


Life happens! Pick up the employees slack by doing all of the work he or she has not been finishing 


Enough is enough! Fire the employee


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One of your colleagues has resigned leaving the team with the work your colleague was working on. Your boss has assigned some of their work to you but it is outside your experience and knowledge level. What do you do?

Tell your boss that you are underqualified for the work but you will give it your best shot 


Study up! Spend time outside of work to work on acquiring the skills needed to complete the assignments 


Handle it! You'll learn by doing plus even if the work is incorrect your boss will fix it


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You're swamped with work and you've been coming in early and staying late for the past 2 weeks. Your boss has just put another large project on your desk to complete. What do you do?

Tell him you can't manage all of the work


Try to get another colleague to help you with the work


Fire up the coffee maker! It's going to be a long night! 


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Room to Grow

Soft skills come with experience. To improve on skills i(ncluding leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, work ethic, flexibility/ adaptability, and interpersonal skills) look for opportunities at work, at home and within your personal relationships!

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Almost There

While you haven't yet mastered all of the 7 soft skills, you're on your way! Look for oppoirtunities to grow!

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Soft Skills Pro

When it comes to leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, work ethic, ability to be flexible and adaptive and use interpersonal skills you get a 10 out of 10. Be sure to include your soft-skill experience on your resume, employers are scouting new hires like you!