Should you become a Surgeon?

Note: this quiz should not dictate whether you will become a surgeon in future years. 


You need to work in a group for a project at school/work. Do you:

Celebrate because you love group work for some reason


Smile slightly when you see one or two of your friend's name on the list


Go home, sit on your bed, and stare at the wall whilst feeling sorry for yourself


Look forward to bossing people around


Go about your life, neutral about working with others. What has to be done has to be done.


1 / 8

How would you rate your reaction in a crisis is 0 is freezing and inwardly panicking due to indecisiveness and 5 is reacting quickly and smartly to the situation?













2 / 8

How well do you think you can deal with someone suffering in front of you, especially when you can't help them?

Not at all


Only if there is something for me to do to help


Very well; almost too well


I wouldn't, but I'd be able to hide it


3 / 8

How much do you like learning and understanding new things regularly/challenging yourself?

To the point where I feel empty without it


Not really; I like to take it slow


I just enjoy anything that makes me think


New things intrigue me but thinking takes some effort


I don't mind it, but I wouldn't do it on purpose either


4 / 8

How are you with hand-eye coordination?

I'm a newborn deer


I can at least walk and sometimes not bump into a pole


I can play piano and the drums at the same time




I'm better than most


5 / 8

Are you good at talking with people?

My friends see me as their own therapist


Most people can talk with me well


I can work with others if necessary


I can talk with my friends, I guess


Most people think I can't talk


6 / 8

Would you describe yourself as logical, organised, and responsible?

Hell yes


Hell no




I like routine?


I try but fail most of the time.


7 / 8

Most importantly, do you want to become a surgeon?

It's my dream, my goal in life


It would be nice...


I don't particularly have an opinion


Maybe if I have to?


No thank you


8 / 8

You are perfect for the job!

Not only do you enjoy the challenge of learning, but you also have the teamwork skills to do it with others! You are reasonably logical and organised, and are able to make quick and efficient decisions. You are also adaptable and have a lot of mental strength; remember, you could also become a medical lecturer or medical researcher with your degree!

Maybe next time...

Okay so maybe you aren't the best fit for a surgeon at first glance, but there are still many options out there! Try and build more confidence in your people skills, problem solving, organisation, and coordination and come back soon!

You could do it if you wanted to

Honestly it's up to you! You could be a good surgeon if you tried, but then again you could something else as well. Choose wisely! Remember, you could also become a medical lecturer or medical researcher with your degree!

Hmmm I guess?

You're kind of uncertain; on one hand you don't immediately stand out to be amazingly surgeon-fit, but then again who knows? Right now you are the awkward position on the line; on which you cross onto depends on you and your flexibility and adaptability. Remember, you could also become a medical lecturer or medical researcher with your degree!